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Rockeeter Remake in the works

Why wouldn't the commanding officer be the main character? I mean I think we can agree the Federation is a pretty diverse place and will go along with just about anything. Why not just make the captain a black woman if they are going that way? So long as they'd be more Sisko than Janeway I really wouldn't mind. All I ask is that the writing be solid and the acting decent. Which, given Star Trek's history when it comes to the first seasons of any of their shows is a pretty tall order, but still, is effort really too much to ask?

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
To Hollywood, the rebooting of old franchises is seen as a sign of respect for them. The idea that they are stories that deserve to be retold. Although even that might be my foolish idealism, when most likely it's no more than cheap attempts to make money rather than be creative and make original stories.
I'm going to disagree. To Hollywood execs, rebooting old franchises is a less risky way of making money. New IPs simply aren't worth the risk, because for every successful one, there are dozens or hundreds of failures (financially speaking). And big-budget movies have to make their money back, or the studios can't afford to make them any more.

Now, the average viewer might see many reboots as respectful nods to the originals, while hardcore fans find them disrespectful and insulting. But producers and execs just see them as dollar signs.

It is possible to have a remake/reboot be respectful of the original (The Fugitive and D.O.A come to mind), more often than not, they fail.
In the case of The Rocketeer, I think they have a chance to make an actually good movie instead of the yawn-fest that was the original. Whether they take advantage of that opportunity or not is another matter. (D.O.A. is also one of those rare cases where the remake is better than the original).


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