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Twenty two for Twenty two - PTSD Push/press-up challenge

Originally Posted by PPQ_Purple View Post
Aside from the potential health risks involved with dumping a bucket of cold water on top of your self the only real harm is that it contributes to the overall mental decline of the human race as it helps create a world where acting childish and immature becomes ever more accepted among adults rather than being a cause for disdain and shame.

And frankly I find that to be a right old shame.
You sound fun at parties.

If you want to talk about the typical health risks of a 20-30-year-old dumping a bucket of ice water on themselves, particularly during warm months, they are minimal. I mean, someone COULD have a vagal response, but that's rare. Injuries from dropping a bucket on one's head are entirely one's own fault and are Darwin's way of telling you you did not plan this well.

If you want to talk about you whining that this is immature and the human race is declining and you're going to go back to your corner and complain, well, people have been doing that for years and the rest of us have been having a life. A sign of immaturity is excessive complaining about the immaturity of others, so the joke is on you.

But as a Real Live Scientist who, along with the rest of the scientific enterprise, needs money to do scientific work, any goddamn thing that gets dollars into the hands of people who can do something about it is a good thing.

The icebucket challenge was selected for ALS as the feeling of the freezing water on your head and neck is believed to mimic the feelings an ALS sufferer has with their condition.

22 push/press-ups gets people exercising and talking about PTSD and mental-health-related suicide. Increasing the amount of physical exertion done by the general populace is a positive thing, discussing mental health issues both informs/educates and develops a community where people who feel isolated by their mental health problems might feel more inclined to seek help; surely only a good thing.

So, whilst I agree that there is plenty is assinine stuff in the world and that a little more rational thought and common sense wouldn't go amiss; I think raising awareness of, and funding to counter, significant issues is truly worthwhile. If this could be done through other media/activities then that would be good too.

Most of the people I know doing 22 for 22 are hardly super-fit, jock-types; most are finding it hard work but are putting the effort in and posting their videos to get the conversations going and then giving some thought to their nominations so as to wider the exposure outside of the circle from within which the themselves were nominated.

I was just interested to see if the circles of connection/influence had picked up many people who like to play PbP RPGs and the like.


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