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Game Developers Can Learn From McDonald's

Game Developers Can Learn From McDonald's

I'm just sayin'.

Originally Posted by Cyber_Goddess View Post
Now this is a high quality piece of work.

I like it.
I don't really have anything else to add to this conversation. Just seconding this.

You sir, and your team, have entered the realm of real journalism. And rivaled my favorite group on the Subject. Extra Credits. Kudos.

The question is: Which demands are worth listening to? Which requests are reasonable and make sense? I agree with your premise - that many game companies (not all, but many) are bad at responding to customer feedback. However, the vast majority of customer feedback is, frankly, worthless.

If these game companies can get away with it, why should they change? If you don't like it, don't give them money. There are plenty of (indy) game developers that produce excellent games without such issues.

The thing that maddens me, personally, is that games are a luxury item! Nobody in the world needs a game.

Sure, we may want a game, but does that really mean we are so jaded, so lazy to just accept the products these companies are pulling on us instead of telling them 'If you want my money, you better meet my demands, my expectations and my standards. Can't keep up with those? Tough luck, that's a buyer's market for you.'

If the 'free market' would work like people who believe in the 'Homo Economicus' believe it does (spoiler: It doesn't), these companies would have long since gone belly up.

Or how about certain ISPs or cable providers, who have an outright hostile relationship to the very people who feed them. By all rights the 'invisible hand of the market' should long ago have grabbed them by the scruff of the neck, dragged them behind the proverbial barn and put put them out of their misery.

But yeah, as long as *we* give these people money for ripping us off, we *only* have ourselves to blame. Unless we collectively grow a spine and tell them to put their polished turds back where they came from, they have not only no reason to change, they would have to be stupid to do so. It's up to us.

Comparing Fast Food to the Gaming Industry, oh that is the most perfect analogy. I'm sure that these massive companies who have been majorly successful and been around for years have never thought of this before *sarcasam*

Agreeing with Witchslasher on this one, first comment makes more sense than the article. Let me say that while there are plenty of terrible AAA publishers (EA), there are several that I think do good work (Valve, Blizzard). Also, on DLC, experiences vary for me. Yeah, sometimes it's stuff that could have been in the main game, other times it's stuff that takes time and effort that the creator's couldn't get done before the game's release, or maybe got burnt-out on. And then there are some DLC like the Dark Souls DLC which are straight-up expansions. DLC like that I will buy, the rest I will ignore. And like MonkWren said, the majority of customer feedback is worthless. Take a MOBA game, everybody wants their favorite champions to be buffed and annoying enemy champs that counter their favorites to be nerfed, no matter the actual power discrepancy. Idea behind the article is sound, but I don't think the analogy is sound.

Originally Posted by MonkWren View Post
However, the vast majority of customer feedback is, frankly, worthless.
I agree with this.

And here is the perfect counter-example of why customer feedback can be bad, or at least not helpful.

Customers don't actually understand what makes for a good game, what is balanced, or even what they want.

Now if we're just talking about bug issues and customer service in the form of responding to complaints... well, that's a different story.


I'll just copy the article here for convenience sake:


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