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My Magazine

My Magazine

Hey guys!

Me and some friends do a magazine in portuguese about gaming and books and stuff and we just started releasing english versions of it!

If you wanna check it, here is the first number in english of it (which is actually our second one )

Tell us what you think and like our facebook page:

Also, to identify my articles, I'm Carlos and I usually write about RPGs

Você tem um link para a revista em português?

Tenho sim senhor!

Podes ver a revista (primeiro e segundo número) no nosso site!

As stated in our Site Rules, the only language allowed in public section of Myth-Weavers is English.

I'm not deleting those posts above but any (non-English) posts following this one will be deleted.

I'm really sorry Whisper. If needed, I will not mind to change my previous post to english.

No need - and I apologize; upon rereading, the tone of my post was much harsher than intended.

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