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Night Angels: From the Ashes

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Night Angels: From the Ashes

Night Angels: From the Ashes - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e

I had an idea whilst discussing one of my favorite series for a game. As I am wont to do, I've embroidered on it a bit, and now I just need some players to give it that spark of life.

Warning: This game is going to be dangerous in the extreme. I don't DM with gloves on ever, and this world is a dangerous one. If you are faint of heart, this might not be the game for you.

[fieldset= Character Generation]Level: 8th (27,000 xp)
Stats: 36 Point Buy
Health: Max until 8th, rolled thereafter.
Wealth: 27000 gp
Flaws/Traits: No
Feats: 1 bonus feat at first level.
Races: You must ask, and provide reasoning, for any non-human race. Midcyru is a human society.
Alignment: Trustworthy. The High King has put his trust in you. He wouldn't trust someone obviously Evil.

Class Options: Tome of Battle
Favored Soul
Spirit Shaman

Game Description:

The events of the Night Angel trilogy took place over sixty years ago. A new High King, Brandon Gyre, grandson of Logan Gyre, was crowned earlier this year. The past few decades have been prosperous ones. However, recent events have the new king worried for his people. He has gathered a small group of elite people to combat these threats. Will they succeed?

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Sorry, no to the Swiftblade.

Originally Posted by TanaNari View Post
So, I take it the answer to my question was "no".
Sorry, I missed your question. I intend for there to be some of everything, with a focus on solving mysteries. Theres going to be a lot of political intrigue and combat, in keeping with the style of the setting. There will probably be little in the way of traditional dungeon delving.

I've decided to see if I can't get my hands on a copy of the books to read through before applying, which will almost certainly not be before tomorrow. I will, however, be keeping an eye out once that's done in case of disappearing players or the like. Good luck!

Considering I've just finished reading the series for a third time earlier this week. I shall whip up an application =D I think Ranger/Scout sounds good.

I'm assuming we do magic as Talent and Weaves? Just making sure like =3

Yes, magic will be fluffed as Talent and Weaves.

Good luck on your book quest Firesong.

Note that the deadline is next weekend.

Sorry but after looking over the variant rules I'm gonna back out. I think the parry stuff will slow down a pbp game too much. I see why it is their, but it seems more suited for an IRL game.

Anyway, hope the game goes well.


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