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@Thot - In progress.
@ChickenIan - Invite sent; will promote upon acceptance.

Originally Posted by Aexicas View Post
As we aren't sure what's going on with them, would it be possible if I was put as a Co-GM on this game with @forgreatjustice?

We haven't heard from them in about a month or so, and it seems like most of the others want to continue; don't want to leave the game hanging while interest remains.

Please / thank you!
As a player in this game, just confirming we are without a GM (no login since july 2), and would like Aexicas to take over.

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
@Thot - In progress.
@ChickenIan - Invite sent; will promote upon acceptance.
Thanks a lot !

Originally Posted by Eric View Post
I can give you GM permissions without making you the headGM. That should accomplish what you’re after. Done!
I'm starting to need to recruit sub-GMs. Can you make me head GM of "Chasing Divinity"?

Good Morning,

I am finding myself needing to step down from one of my games. The players would like to continue, and I offered to post on their behalf here.

The Game: The Society
The Game System: Cypher System
Game Premise:Modern day supernatural Investigators, closely tied to The Strange
What Has Gone Before: Lexi Con, a Hollywood actress, has been receiving odd missives from a secret admirer. Mostly, the missives are Shakespearian poems and exerpts from plays, but a couple recent ones have turned darker. Investigation leads Lexi, her bodyguard Ryan, wealthy playboy, Malcom and their scientific associate, Amaya, to Brightwood, a ski resort town in the shadows of Mt. Hood.

If anyone is interested in taking up the reins on this game, please drop me a line and I can make you head GM.


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