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Hunter the Reckoning- Walking the Edge

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May 30, 2019
Something has changed, and I can't help but feel like it's for the worst. Things are too quiet. Hell, I haven't even been shot at this week. If I clean my guns anymore, I might just go crazy. It feels like the calm before the storm; like something bigger is coming, and soon. One thing is for sure: with all this down time, I need to start recruiting. It's time for me to stop hoping that anyone else made it out of that mess. It's time to honor their memory instead of talk to their ghosts. (Not literally, of course. Sarah was the only ghost that actually showed, and I took care of it.) I'll start packing up their things later today. If I'm going to rebuild this cell, we'll need the rooms.

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Subject: Help needed in Silver CityPosted by Devil_dog44 06 June 2019 01:55:14 PST
I'll make this short. I'm looking for volunteers interested in joining my cell in Silver City. Select space available with reasonable room and board. Resumes can be sent here for consideration. Please include a current photograph for ID purposes, and a list of your qualifications and specializations, if any.

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This is a Hunter the Reckoning (classic world of Darkness) game. As I have time and the inclination, other splats will be added to the game setting. Events happening in each splat within the city can and will effect aspects of the other games. We'll be using the 20th Anniversary Edition rules set whenever possible, but I come from a heavily house ruled background in oWoD, and don't always realize where what I think I know deviates from what is actually in the book. I'm willing to discuss differences as they arise, and try to make things fair to the players as much as possible, but I may allow you to change a character aspect over shifting the ruleset I'm used to.

To view my house rules, check out this thread:


Characters will be created at near base stats (I'm using a slightly modified set to keep my starting place even across the board). Accepted characters may be given additional experience points or bonus stats at storyteller discretion--I am especially likely to do this for a well written background. No character will be originally from Silver City.

Hunter is an unforgiving setting where the cards are stacked against you; characters are going to be pushed to their physical and mental limit, and are going up against things that will far outclass them in a lot of ways. Even the most fit and clever Hunter is a glass cannon when going up against supernatural threats, and sometimes even the RIGHT choice will get you killed. Characters should have a sense of gravity for just how far in over their heads they are, but the central theme of hope is important as well. They're not on a suicide mission, despite the odds, and are trying to stave off the darkness for as long as they can so that others don't have to fight it.

Character Sheet Template can be found here:
Applications can be placed HERE:
The title should be your character name, virtue, and creed.
For additional information about character creation, check here:

Completed applications that fit what I'm looking for will be given the opportunity to start a prelude thread with me and we'll play through some of your background or a lead in to your arrival in Silver City before I make my final decision on which players I will be accepting. I'm looking for 5-8 players, depending on the quality of the applications.

A few things about me as an ST.

I like the dark and gritty side of World of Darkness. Your characters will be facing rough challenges, moral dilemmas, and situations that may seem hopeless or lose-lose. There aren't going to be a lot of rainbows or flowery cute things, and sometimes even a victory will seem bittersweet. I love telling stories of struggles and overcoming obstacles, so if you're looking for a lighter tone to the game, this probably isn't for you.

I place a significant emphasis on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. While I don't want to exclude people who may be great players otherwise, I know myself well enough to state outright that excessive errors detract from my enjoyment of the game as a whole, and I'd rather not deal with it. That's not to say you'll be kicked out for making a few mistakes, and I'm far from perfect myself, but I want to be clear that it WILL have an impact on my final decision of who to accept or not.

Games are supposed to be fun. If, at any time during your experience with me, you have an issue, concern, comment, or something makes you uncomfortable, please contact me and speak with me about it. My goal is to tell a great story, but I don't want to do that at the cost of the enjoyment of the players.

Post rate is variable. I don't typically put a hard line expectation on players, because real life enjoys kicking me in the teeth every so often, and I know that it happens to my players as well. I typically look for between 3-5 posts a week on average; if we get into a good flow and it's more often than that, great! If one or more of us get bogged down and post rates drop, it happens. I'm willing to commit to a long term game with my players; I would like players to also be willing to commit to a long term game with me. That could mean that sometimes we go on brief pauses of a week or more, but I've successfully kept a DnD campaign running over several years, even with pauses due to real life. It takes understanding and communication.

Finally, character death and remaking characters. I do not kill characters for arbitrary reasons-- if your character is going to die, it will be because of a series of choices made by the character, and will often be a heroic, epic, memorable event culminating from a lot of character driven roleplay. That said, I can and will put your characters into very hard, dangerous places, and they do not get plot armor. There is a chance they will die, and I don't want to negate that risk in their decisions. As long as a character dies or is retired due to story reasons and not because of a dropped or removed player, that player will still be welcome in my game, and will be allowed to roll up a new character at a level consistent with the rest of the party.

Additionally, when the other splats start to open, I will allow any one player to have characters in up to two of the games being run on this forum, so do not worry about applying now if this isn't your absolute favorite WoD splat-- you will still be permitted to try for one of the others at a later date, provided I get that far. (This means that my current Werewolf players have the option of making a Hunter as well.)

I am looking to take 4-6 players. Applications will be open until July 12th, but I will take players of suitable quality and start them on their preludes early; completing the character early improves your chances of acceptance as it gives me more time to see how we work together.

Game Description:

Suddenly one day, every mortal in Silver City, Montana woke up feeling somehow safer. The crime rate plummeted, and missing persons case dropped to almost zero. The air somehow seemed fresher, food tasted sweeter and all those pesky ads didn't seem quite as persuasive as they once did.

What they didnít realize was that somehow every supernatural creature from the Shadowlands to the Near Umbra had suddenly disappeared, which would have been both confusing and a little scary if it had been common knowledge. Various creatures across the globe prepared themselves for some kind of apocalypse, seeing this as some sign of the end times, but nothing else happened. No other city suffered the same disaster.

Mortals didn't notice much of a difference, but a select few with odd connections to worlds that they hadn't even begun to explore yet have stumbled into questionable circumstances that may reveal more than they're ready to discover.

The Kine saw this as an opportunity; without Elders trying to dictate politics, the City provided a ripe playground for new, up and coming Vampires, and a chance to influence which faction, if any, would take control and reign supreme.

The last Hunter from the cell that had existed before that fateful day of change took the time to breath, mourn, and start to rebuild, ever mindful of the need to remain vigilant and ready.

The Garou Nation, obeying the commands of the Spirits they revere, kept clear of Silver City, which has become the home for those wolves who have fallen from the favor of Gaia and the nation and now seek to redeem themselves within the boundaries of their new territory.

Will the true nature of the event that wiped this city clean ever be revealed? Or will the new orders rising to power focus on their own agendas without care of whatever terrible power had destroyed their predecessors?

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Nicely written advert, it alone is compelling to continue on and read more. I have never been interested in hunter, but this ad may change my mind.

Thank you! Hunter is probably my favorite WoD splat. It's got some really fun stuff in it, and I'm excited to have it back up and running.

Whoa, I remember the earlier (one of the earlier?) versions of this game from back in 2014. I can’t find the archive for it, but I’m definitely interested in putting an app in. Hunter’s a pretty rare game and the write up seems fun.

This is a revamped version of that game, yes. I actually pulled the older threads for it and they're hiding in this forum-- just private so that people can't dig through and find too many of my secrets ahead of time. I still have Arthur!

Badass. I've been wanting to try out Hunter: the Reckoning for years now.

I'll see what I can think up.

I'm seeing some really great apps so far. Looking forward to what everyone else comes up with!

Posting interest. Never really got into Hunter the Reckoning as most of my experience, aside from Vampire, was Chronicles of Darkness. Might take a look!

I'm still taking apps until the end of the week, so if you're still interested, the window is still open.

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