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Wizards from Outer Space

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Wizards from Outer Space

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Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games - Force and Destiny

A beginner friendly game. looking for about 3 to 6 players who want to be Force Sensitive adventurers who travel through space, learning about themselves and the Force.

Game Description:

It is a dark time in the galaxy.

Though the brave heroes of the REBEL ALLIANCE fight against the tyranny of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, countless worlds still tremble under the shadows of evil. The JEDI, guardians of order and justice, are gone, and at their passing, the forces of darkness gather unimpeded.

But all is not lost. In a distant corner of the galaxy, a small band of adventurers seeks to rediscover the legacy of the Jedi. If they are successful, perhaps hope can be restored to the galaxy once again...

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Are we using Discord for this to help with dice rolls and whatnot?


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