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Eversky: Eye of the Abyss - A Heroic Fantasy Steampunk Adventure

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I'm still in for this, oh yes.

My character concept is subject to considerable change however, not least because now I've got an Assault Swordmage in some other game and so would like to try some other class this time around. Ah well... maybe a Leader of some sort. Or some sort of Special Forces Steampunk-Sniper type. Hmm.

Originally Posted by Thymeless View Post
I see the races you're disallowing, but wanted to know how far afield we could reach for ones you would allow. Specifically, I was thinking of rolling an
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Abyssal Genasi, most likely a Cindersoul Warden or other defender. I know you said you didn't want races reflavored but didn't know if you considered a genasi's manifestation free game for refluffing. I'll read more about the setting, but I was thinking that at one point he was actually Firesoul, then saw or experienced something that "snuffed" him and fueled his defendery desires.
Hmm...It seems the genasi have escaped my grasp again. Someone brought this up in the Interest Check thread, and I decided not to have Genasi in the setting. I should mention that when this setting started out, it was actually framed to accommodating an exclusively human story. I decided that it could be converted into a DnD setting, and at each step I've bent my concept to try to accommodate more races. That is to say, the progress of the race roster has been additive rather than subtractive, but there are some races that are just too supernatural that I have to draw the line.

Hmm... setting question (PMd it, but it's one I think a few people might ask) How old is Lance Boreal? What do we know about him?

Who is heroic enough to face the Eladrin Empire? Who is courageous enough to brave the vicious Maelstrom? Who... should I play? :o

Transferring and expanding, from the planning thread.

Definetly applying. Will edit with app when finished

Application Completed. Happy to answer any questions.

Working on an application now! This might take a while, I'll put in some hours on it this upcoming weekend.

Application Status: Transferred to the application thread.

Name: Sengher Moran

Race: Human (Vistani). Maybe a half-elf.

Archetype: Gypsy Gunslinger

Potential Classes: Ideally Ranger, but Vestige Warlock, Seeker and Prescient Bard are also options.

Thinking about making a roguish first-mate very versed in keeping his allies alive (ranger with controller tendencies). Very hit-and-run tactics. He doesn't fight fair.

We'll see how the story goes

Time to address some questions.

Lance Boreal is in his 40's. Old enough to have been around a while, but not so old that he's going to go away anytime soon. The question is whether he's peaked by now, or still has greater things to accomplish. What you know of him is that he's a ruthlessly pragmatic man who, while he professes to uphold the noble motive of aiding humanity, relies on practices that just so happen to work out in his favor, and at the expense of those in his way. He is the son of Armand Boreal, who was responsible for the rise of the tram and trolley network in Breckenan. Once thought to be destined for a life of few notable deeds beyond squandering his father's money as a wealthy playboy, he claims that an airship accident in which he nearly lost his life shocked him into rethinking his future. Rising to prominence as a venture capitalist, there are dozens of projects that owe their start to his keen foresight, including the Foreign Technology Integration Program, which was responsible for the launching of a privately owned blockade-running rescue fleet that helped Tiefling refugee engineers escape from Tymordian airspace in exchange for a commitment to several years of indentured labor. Other programs have been far more controversial. Boreal lives by a Randian, objectivist ethical outlook, which has been gaining popular traction after the past few years of campaigning for election as the district's tribune has seen the dissemination of his views fueled by a seemingly bottomless political war chest.

@ IronChef - the idea you PM'd me is fine.

@ Skippy - You PM'd me about available slots. I've just put up the ad, so there are at least 5 open slots available. It's possible I'll expand to 6, but I prefer smaller parties, and I'd rather have someone be pleasantly surprised than disappointed that I chose one less than I promised.

@ Crucival and Coyote - I like where both of you are going. The migrant wanderer tribe (Vistani or whatever you choose to call it) fits this setting really well.

@ Celedal - Nothing wrong so far, but I'll wait to look at it further when you've got some more of the details nailed down.


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