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The Curse of the Red Hand of Doom

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The Curse of the Red Hand of Doom

The Red Hand of Doom - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

The brown hilltops dried from the heat danced orange from the flames scattered thought the wild lands. The humans called this land Wyrmsmokes, and atop its backbone, the fires were lit overlooking Elsir Vale. Here they gathered, numbers upon numbers, hobgoblins in armor dyed scarlet, bugbear berserkers, goblin worg riders and skirmishers and archers, and the scaled ones as well, who often towered over the rest. In any other time, they would be gathered to fight each other, killing each other in their long territorial feuds that seemed to never end. These feuds decimated each tribe, clan, and race and left them vulnerable to the outsiders. Not this night. Here, now, they were gathered together as one. They were here under the same banners, enemies once, allies now. They frothed at the mouth for their past stupidity, and to unleash their new found strength on those in the Vale below. They howled angrily into the night, blades in the air, and become the one voice that their kind had needed.

“We are the Kulkor Zhul!” they shouted, and the hills shook with the thunder of their voices. “We are the People of the Dragon! Uighulth na Hargai! None can stand before us!”

The roar of silence rippled through the clans one by one until the air was thick with anticipation. Clinking of weapons and rattling of armor broke the silence as thousands of sharp toothed grins turned their attention to the Place of Speaking. A form emerged from the sea of those gathered, and rose as he ascended the stone steps carved in the ridge. Red hands surrounded the base of the stairs, each on a field of bright yellow, raised high on banners they made their own small army. Each banner was hoisted by a warpriest, their voices slowly exploding into a monotone drone, as their hero ended his climb.

Atop these stairs he stopped and finally turned to face the horde that had gathered for him, and none before him. His figure was imposing for a hobgoblin, it was obvious why he had lead his own clan. His shoulders were scaled in dull blue, and horns swept from his forehead to the back of his head. “I am Azarr Kul, Son of the Dragon!”he cried. “Hear me, warriors of the Kulkor Zhul! Tomorrow we march to war!”

The frothing hoard sounded their approval in hooting, hollering, stamping of feet, and beating weapons against shields. Azarr Kul waited, pushing their fervor even further, he left his hand raised in the air. Every eye watched his hand until he finally lowered it slowly, and the mob quieted, all intent on hearing his every word. “The warpriests of the Doom Hand have given us the path! We have grown strong! Honor, discipline, and obedience have changed us from feuding enemies into this army of brash warriors you see before you! No longer will we spill or own blood, we will spill the blood of humans, dwarfs, elf’s, and any others who contest us! Their lands will be our lands! Under the banner of the Red Hand of Doom we will march to victory and conquest! Tonight is as night you will talk about for generation, tonight is the night that we will show the world what it means to be warriors of Kulkor Zhul! No one will forget the blood we spill in the battles to come, and that blood will be spilt by YOUR spears. Now, my brothers- to WAR!”

The ridges were not tall enough to contain the wall of sound that was the answer of the Kulkor Zhul. The entire horde gave their voice in anticipation for what they had just been called upon to do.

Hello fellow Weavers. I have a question for all of you. Have you ever heard of The Curse of the Red Hand of Doom? For those of you that don’t know, The Red Hand of Doom is considered to be one of the best adventures written for D&D 3.5e. However this adventure has a terrible reputation here on The Weave.

I am sure there are some people that have run this adventure without issue, but there are enough people that have tried to run it with ruinous results. When I heard of this Curse of the Red Hand of Doom, I felt challenged. Let me tell you about SOME of the times this game has been run previously, not only here but in table top as well! *(These are testimonies from actual DMs/players, all DM/player names have been removed for their safety)

  1. IRL: Players managed to literally burn themselves out of all option, resulting in a true fail state.
  2. MW, Pathfinder Aug 2016-Mar 2017: Player Attrition led to the game dying. Made it to the meeting with Town Speaker.
  3. IRL: Campaign died during the first encounter due to various reasons
  4. MW, 3.5 Nov 2017-Oct 2018: Was doing fairly well, made it to *past* the meeting with the Town Speaker, but player attrition led to a quick conversion to Gestalt. Game failed when I ended up in surgery.
  5. Game died due to unwanted PvP immediately after the first encounter.
  6. Game died in recruitment when the DM decided to do a round-robin PvP tournament for the last player slot.
  7. Game died immediately after recruitment due to DM ghosting.
  8. Game died due to unwanted PvP *during* the first encounter

The ChallengeSo as I heard all of this information, it challenged me to run this game not only on The Weave, but also to convert to 5e. This leads me to challenge YOU Weavers. I am looking not for 5 players, not for 5 characters. I am looking for 5 heroes, ready to face this curse together. Five dedicated individuals who are prepared to slay this beast with me. Do you you know you are ready for this challenge?Let’s find out.

How do I apply?You can find creation information here.
Setting information can be found here.

I will be closing applications on the 7/14/19. I usually only do 14 days, but with the 4th of July being int here I am giving a few extra days.

PS. I will be requiring that accepted players join my Discord server so they have access to the channels for this game. If this is an issue for you, you have been warned!

Game Description:

War is gathering in the dry brown hills known as the Wyrmsmoke Mountains. As midsummer settles over the land, smothering everything in heat and dust, the fierce warriors of the Kulkor Zhul—”People of the Dragon” in the hobgoblin tongue—gather beneath the dreaded Red Hand banner, ready to sweep down out of the Wyrmsmokes and conquer the human lands below. Your player characters face an onslaught of fire and steel the likes of which few have ever seen.

Call me #9

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Ah, thanks for clarifying that.

To improve the chances of this iteration of the adventure working out, will you prefer characters that have clearly been built to work together with others? * I'm asking because I noticed at least one application for a character who will literally be ignoring plans, if any, and ignoring advice if they have to make their own plans...

* You mention that the chosen characters will have worked together for a while now, but there's no mention of that working relationship having to be cordial.

I am not afraid of some party squabbling, but pretty much like every other DM I am not looking for murderous tyrants or anything. Even though part of the goal of this is to beat this AP down, I still want to have fun. I will be looking for interesting, compelling characters, with players behind them who I think can have fun together.

I tried to run it! Got into it pretty decently but ended it to focus on other, longer running games with the same players.

I played this on giantitp in a play by post game from level 4 to level 8, almost level 9 (May 2013 to July 2018) where the game then died because the DM wanted to do new things. All in 3.5 but shifted to Eberron. Fantastic game.

At one point we had a pet charmed hydra on our side thanks to a scroll of charm monster and a lot of luck.

I'm assuming that familiarity with the adventure would prevent me from applying so I'll just wish everyone a fun game instead.

Originally Posted by SirLoganofGilead View Post
Familiarity with the adventure won’t stop you from getting in as long as you don’t use it IC
Really? Awesome.

I've been running this in 5e for a month or so here on MW- just passed the first encounter. I'd be happy to share my experiences so far with you. It seems a really cool adventure.


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