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Curse of Strahd

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Edit as I forgot a deadline.
I'll be taking applications until July 16th!

Apologies if I don't get in-depth enough with my introduction here. I imagine there are a lot of fairly seasoned players on this site that already know about Ravenloft, but as I mention below, I feel Curse of Strahd is best served with a sense of mystery about it. I'd like to let people who aren't already accustomed to it go in as blind as I can get away with. I'll be here an in the game forum to answer questions if there's anything that needs to be addressed.

About This Campaign
Curse of Strahd is, in my opinion, a campaign that is best experienced when you go into it fairly blind. That said, there are a lot of specific things that need to line up in order for it to hit all the notes intended. In order to strike that balance of information, I don’t want to give a major campaign summary (though I certainly can’t stop you from looking one up yourself if you feel the need), but I have provided below a number of bullet points that I feel will help you in crafting a character that fits the story and campaign world well, and give you an idea of what to expect in this game.

This is a horror-based campaign. It will be darker than your typical D&D fantasy story, and will best be served with a party of PCs that can take the setting seriously and fit well into a gothic horror setting.

This is a sandbox-ish campaign. You will have a series of goals set out for you, and an explicit end goal to finish the story, but you have the freedom to travel and approach these goals as you wish.

There will be dungeons to crawl and magic weapons to discover here, but these will be climactic points in the story, between which the focus will be on investigating mysteries and interactions between characters and the environment.

Your character will be transported to a strange and unfamiliar world. I am aware that this places some unique constraints on your character’s backstory insofar as goals and interaction with the world around you. All I ask is some faith in me as GM. If you make it clear you want to explore a certain goal or relationship in your backstory, I will work to make it happen.

If you want to incorporate elements into your background that are kept secret from other players at the start, go for it. I encourage this in many games, but in a campaign like this it is especially fitting.

My Expectations of Players

I like to think I’m not a demanding guy. This is what I’d like to see from any players at my table.

-Commit to posting at least once per weekday. We’ll take the weekends off if most of us are tied up.

-Cooperate with your other players to make a good experience for everyone. Your character can be a lone wolf of a ranger, but as a player, make sure you aren’t making the other players work to keep you involved in the story. Interparty conflict is okay, but respect other players’ wishes if they feel like you’re hounding them too much. Just remember, Rule #0 is to not be a jerk.

-Be interested in the story we’re building together. I understand you’re not always going to be able to write pages, but shoot for a few sentences minimum on each post you make. We all know the pain of writing a paragraphs-long text and getting “K” back, so don’t subject your fellow players to that.


Combat will be handled in a theater-of-the-mind format. Other than that, it will be standard for the 5e experience.

New Players

I wholeheartedly welcome anyone, no matter their level of experience. However, this does come with the warning that Curse of Strahd has been recognized as a campaign that can easily be lethal to characters. I’ve done a bit of tailoring to dial back on that, but the possibility of character death or even a TPK still very much exists. I may pull my punches a bit for you, but not to the point that I’m making it obvious that’s what I’m doing. This is my only caution to you.

Character Creation

PCs begin play at Level 3.

All PCs use a stat array of 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Take max HP at first level and roll for each level thereafter

Races with a Fly speed and the spell Remove Curse are banned. Any other content officially published by Wizards is free for you to use.

Game Description:

You have passed through the mists. You are now in the vampire's court. Welcome to Barovia.

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No. I don't like to put a lot of restrictions on players.

That and I'm of the mindset that if players surprise me with something genuinely busted, it just becomes fair game for the bad guys to use it.

Will the party start out familiar with each other? Also, FR pantheon for divine-types?

I'm operating on the assumption that PCs won't know each other prior to the start of the campaign. However, there will be a brief delay between selection of PCs and the start of the game fueing which I'll hold a sort of Session Zero. If anyone would like to create background ties at that point, more power to them.

Deities are a bit of a free-for-all in this campaign, as there is little focus placed on the world that the PCs are actually from. Any patron deities are fair game, really.

Hi, I happen to have a 5E Ravenloft character I wrote for a similar ad, but I went with some assumptions:

1. the character is a native of Ravenloft
2. firearms exist in Ravenloft

I also took some liberties with the character's backstory. Would you like to review this character if I submitted him?

Just as a personal preference, I would rather not have Ravenloft-native PCs. The only exception I'd make to that is if we needed a mid-campaign replacement. But even aside from that, I don't think I'm good with the introduction of firearms.

I'd be happy to have your application if you could rework it with Wizards-published materials!

Uhm, it is already with WotC published materials - it's a human swashbuckler from Ravenloft, and firearms are from the DMG. He's sort of a gipsy Inigo Montoya.

Don't worry anyway, I asked specifically because I know it's not a character that would fit all campaigns by default!

So, I've played a lot of D&D but I'm a 5th Edition noob. I also haven't played PbP in a while but I'm looking at giving this game a shot. Would that be alright with you, given both those considerations?


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