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Wizards from Outer Space

Force and Destiny - Forum
Star Wars: Fantasy Flight Games - Force and Destiny

A beginner friendly game. looking for about 3 to 6 players who want to be Force Sensitive adventurers who travel through space, learning about themselves and the Force.

Game Description:

It is a dark time in the galaxy.

Though the brave heroes of the REBEL ALLIANCE fight against the tyranny of the GALACTIC EMPIRE, countless worlds still tremble under the shadows of evil. The JEDI, guardians of order and justice, are gone, and at their passing, the forces of darkness gather unimpeded.

But all is not lost. In a distant corner of the galaxy, a small band of adventurers seeks to rediscover the legacy of the Jedi. If they are successful, perhaps hope can be restored to the galaxy once again...

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Can you give a little more detail about what is going on? I like star wars but ive never played a star wars rpg before. Here are a few of my questions (some may be stupid ones):

What system is this game using?

What requirements for character attributes are there?
-Race restrictions? Personality restrictions? etc

Are there any homebrew or houserules?

How detailed do characters need to be? Do I need to know all about star wars lore to competently craft a character or am I free to invent my own backstory?

The game system is Fantasy Flight, specifically Force and Density, is right at the top there.

What sources are allowed is covered in the character creation thread in the game forum.

There is no homebrew or houserules at this time.

As detailed as you want to make them and of course not. I don't know everyrhing about it and don't expect my players to.

So very down for this. I have been wanting to play a Jedi character (preferably in a mixed party, but I'll take what I can get) for a while now!

Stupid question. Do you HAVE to be force sensitive to apply? IE No droids etc.

I hope not, because I'd so much rather be a Jedi/Force-user in a mixed party, but we'll see what the GM thinks!

Originally Posted by zeone3000 View Post
The game system is Fantasy Flight, specifically Force and Density, is right at the top there.
Autocorrect can be a real gem

Will see if I can come up with something.

Oh dear can this be! I love FFG Star Wars. Incoming app!

Looks like you're about to make the jump to hyperspace, mind if I come along for the ride? I'm new around here, just getting myself established and all.. looks like a great opportunity to see the galaxy.


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