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Free Powers to Combat the Undead? Apply Within!

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Free Powers to Combat the Undead? Apply Within!

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This is my first game back from an extended break from gaming, so I guess I gotta introduce myself again. My name is Penchant, I'm an older guy who's been gaming since the early '90s (the only useful thing I got from college). I run fantasy, sci-fi, horror, action/adventure with a variety of different systems. I am a player first DM. I believe that as soon as we start a game that it belongs to all of us. I accept feedback and input from players and am willing to be flexible to a group consensus. My NPCs will be secondary to the PCs, and there are never DMPCs.


This game will take a group of heroes who died during a last stand, bring them back and give them more powers to have a second chance to stop le Evil. There is a villain, he is a lich and he is more powerful that you are (right now). I'm planning on swift advancement for this one. The setting is relatively low magic so loot will be scarce, but rewards will be more in the form of innate abilities and upgrades. Crafting is allowed (and encouraged) and there will be crafting time. There is a crafting reserve built into the XP and a few extra gold to start out with too.

From you, I need players willing to tell their own stories. We like powerful characters but it's meaningless if they aren't interesting people doing interesting things. This is a brand new setting I'm writing so you have a pretty free range to fill in the blanks; use it. Start a thread in the Application folder. Be sure to read the material I've written; there isn't much but it's mostly important.

I have one (maybe two) players already selected so I will be taking three or four more for this experience. If this piques your interest, let's talk about it. Ask questions here or in the OOC thread. Please don't PM or private questions since this will be a pretty open game.


Game Description:

Smoke rises from broken buildings and smoldering dead. The night flees after the damage has been done and the twilight breaks over a sea of ruin. Though much of the dead are the citizens and defenders of the town, the lions share of the bodies belong to the unholy desiccated corpses of a foe thought long gone.

The town itself had been fairly remote, located in the crags of Mount Seraphim, and mostly unimportant. It's one point of interest was the Font of Selene. A natural spring that sprung from the mountain itself, it's waters healed all wounds and cured all disease. People would come from miles around to climb the narrow paths to reach it with boils and old war wounds and such and leave healed and refreshed. A temple had long ago been built around the spring and the waters gathered in marble basins to await ques of people.

When the dead started rising from their shallow mountain graves, the call went out that slayers were needed. A party of heroes heeded the call and arrived. Slaying the initial walking dead was easy, but the party were wary that more lay below the surface to the situation. Soon they were awash in the slayer's work, sensing that a necromancer was actively at work. Things seemed to be going well and they felt they would end this threat and return home. That was last night.

The siege started at the witching hour. Corpses that seem to have been deliberately buried along streets, in alleys and in basements some time ago arose at once as if at the call of a bell and began grisly dispatch of the citizens. Dozens lay dead before even a cry went out in the town. When the militia were called out, red eyes already surrounded the town. The party arose and geared themselves in haste and rallied at the Font to try and gather the people but found it already under attack. They fought through the rabble trying to make headway. After having cleared the chapel they mustered with the few militia there to hold a line and turned to face the coming horde. There they saw something that had not been witnessed in a generation: A Siege Hulk. A massive abomination composited of the dead and iron armor plates and the size of a storm giant. Behind it floated a cloaked figure with the glowing eyes of an Unholy Lich. Boulders rained down on the chapel from the Hulk and fire washed over the remains from the Lich. Though fire was returned in kind, there were just too many of the walkers and the party was overwhelmed, and by design. The chapel was a death trap. As life fled from the remaining defenders the Hulk raised an iron spear that dripped in black mist and drove it into the font. The waters boiled and burned and the ground cracked. A white light burst from the ground, fighting the Unholy spear but then subsided and were finally quenched. What remained of the hulk collapsed, it's upper half burned away by the light, but the lich merely chuckled to itself and left.




The Dawn breaks, chasing the twilight away and washing the last of the dark mist from the town. Nothing moved, nothing lived. From the ground, a dim light arose. Several orbs of weakening light issued from the ruined font and danced around the chapel. They alighted on the few figures that still showed some spark left, not of life, but of hope. As the orbs merged with the corpses, warmth returned to ashen skin, bones reformed and wounds closed. With bodies whole, sharp and painful breath is drawn and the last hope that the Font of Selene has to give... is given.

This is where your story begins.

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Ewww... bad visual.

Back from holiday bump. Will likely close new apps in a week, player selections shortly after that assuming people are able to provide enough material to pick from.

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