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Setting Building into Traditional Game

Setting Building into Traditional Game

After a hiatus from the weave I’m starting to plan out a new game to run and wanted some feedback and thoughts.

I was thinking of experimenting with a game with two phases. The first phase would use half of Questlandia’s system to collaboratively build a fantasy setting/city. I’m new to the system, but I think it would work well to create an interesting city, a few hooks, and notable NPCs.

Once created we’d shift into phase 2, a more traditional fantasy game (possibly D&D 5E) and play through an adventure (or maybe more if it’s going well). My hope is that everyone will be more invested in the setting since we created it together and as a GM I’m always open to my players to give input and help shape the world.

I’m not sure how it will work on a PBP setting, but I figure it be a fun experiment.

Has anyone tried something like this before? Any tips, suggestions, or feedback?

I’m also open to other systems as well for either phase if anyone has any ideas.

Decided to pull the trigger and put up an ad to see if there's interest. Still looking for tips if anyone's got any.

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