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System Request: Feng Shui

System Request: Feng Shui

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Message: In creating a new game, I saw that we can request new systems be added to the system listing. So, I would like to request "Feng Shui" be added. There have been some interest in it on the forums already (please see the relevant links above). I also added a wikipedia link about the game system in the relevant links section, in case there is additional information needed. (notably, the system won a Gen Con ENnie Award, to help bolster my claim that the system is important enough for inclusion).

I am not sure how easy adding systems is, but if it isn't too much extra trouble, it might be nice to add a tag for both Fung Shui's 1st and 2nd editions.

EDIT: in an unrelated matter (but I wasn't sure if I should create multiple threads in this forum at once), is there a way to subtract two dice rolls from one another? There's an option to spit out the sum of all dice rolls, but I am not seeing a way to subtract one dice roll from another. Well, I mean, other than one's brain.

To answer the die roller question: Yes, just put the math in the tag. 1d6-1d4 for instance.

I thought about that, but at least on the test page, it treats the second die as a simple static modifier. So "1d6-1d4" gets read as 1d6-1.

Kinda cludgy, but you could use 1d4-5 for the die to be subtracted with the t function and it works. Generally dx-(x+1) gives the die results as negative.

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