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Cant remove sheet from "Sheets"

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
I've removed your permission for the first sheet linked, for testing purposes.

To see whether there is an issue or just a misunderstanding, please try the following with the other sheets and report back whether it works or not:

- open your library (e.g. by using the link or by going to "Sheets" in the top menu and going to "My Library" there)
- use the "Shared With Me" filter on the left to display sheets that are shared with you
- tick the checkbox on the left of the sheet(s) you no longer want to have shared with you
- click the "Remove" button
I am able to remove them now. Be it one at a time or 5 at once, I can do it now. I'm not sure what's changed, or if anything has.

I know that I had tried to delete different sheets one at a time with that process before and it came up as the error I mentioned. Now, however, it's working just fine.

Odd that it managed to fixed itself, but it's all good now so I guess I can't complain.


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