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Username Change Request

You can now change your username at

NOTE: Changing your username should not be done lightly. Changes are logged, and you cannot revert back to the previous name. You may need to log out and back in again after the change for it to propagate through our systems.

UPDATE: With the rollback of the site update, this thread is reopened.

Hullo, requesting my username be changed to:

For maximum duckage! =D



I messed up my user name (This is what i get for joining at 2 am in the morning) and would like to change it to MarshiestMallow, please!



I was wondering if I could merge profiles? I made a mistake; I had an account here many moons ago, and would prefer to use that account as opposed to the new one I made.



I want to merge Bojigwe (and the games thereof) into Shadewe. Is that possible?

@Bojigwe @Shadewe Could you please send me a PM from each account confirming ownership of each?


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