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Sheet Requests, Status, and Issues

@VictoriousBard Unfortunately I'm not able to reproduce this, even when logged in as you. Since it works on chrome canary with your login, and I was able to log in as you using chrome and interact with the sheets, I'm not inclined to think it's something with the site but instead with the browser.

I did some searches to see if this is a general issue with Chrome, and it does seem that there are occasional reports of inability to activate controls (links or form fields) and problems scrolling, but nothing that's persistent as you've described. Some people mention clearing the browser settings, or outright reinstalling it to try to solve the issue.

Just want to give you people the heads up.

I logged in yesterday using my email when your update was still in force and my cookies are still valid. As in, I did not have to log back in today even though you have presumably gone back to username based logons.

Thought that might be of interest to you.

I have a few suggestions for the pathfinder sheet
My biggest gripes with current pathfinder sheetare....1. That it doesn't seperate things out like the neceros one, making it more of a pain to multi class, and a huge pain if you are multiclassed and got a inherent bonus to your con or int, or put level up stat points in con or int, and have to go back and recalculate hp or skill points. 2. That it doesnt have a seperate box for enhancement bonuses to stats, which can also be a pain.

In detail: Add the kind of class thing the nec
Neceros (for reference)

For the Pathfinder sheet...
It'd be nice to have a way to change what stat determines saves, initiative, and so forth.
Also... a much more clear way of displaying Spell Points, for those who might use it.

The website needs a serious update to the Eclipse Phase character sheet. I was going to have my friends bring all their stuff here for our campaign, but we took one look at the sheet and chose not to do it. I have linked to an updated first edition sheet, and I don't know how you guys set up your own sheets, so I can't comment on anything outside of how tedius the current sheet is.

3.5 Char sheet isn't holding skills properly/ Skill stat modifiers.

I saved my sheet, then refreshed the browser by closing it completely and opening it up again, then all skills and modifiers were gone.

@Burning Spear - I was able to successfully save skills on an existing 3.5 sheet just now. How long did you have the sheet open before saving it (hours/days might be a token expiration issue)? Was it a brand new sheet?

Pathfinder Character Sheet Request -- More Equipment Space

Request that the Pathfinder Character Sheet be modified to have more space for equipment. It appears this could be done by simply moving down the Currency and Language block and filling the space gained with equipment lines.

Request for an Improvement to the Pathfinder [Experimental] sheet:

I would like to suggest the addition of another optional page similar to the caster page, as an optional extension to the Feats/Class Features/Abilities and Equipment sections. I am currently Playing in a 15th level Mythic tier 1 campaign and have nearly run out of room in both. Also as a Gm who has used the sheets to build bosses i have also found myself needing to fill the equipment section with class features and feats.

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