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Gods Among Us

Gods Among Us - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

I'm looking for about 5 PC's to play in an
I will try to craft the experience so that there will be natural breaks between story arcs, to create convenient points where players can drop out, if necessary, and new ones join. Schedules change, after all
episodic campaign, ideally running from levels 1 to 20.

Over the last decade, I have played a series of pbp games (called Lords of Creation) in which players take on the role of deities and create a world. Part of the intent behind those games was to create playable settings for other systems, like D&D. As such, I've taken some of the best elements, mixed them together, and created something with a lot of adventuring potential.

Please ask any questions you may have below or on the forum!

Game Description:

The end of the world happened just the other day, but things got better.

Oh sure, the city-sun, Karthage, is still a ruined husk in the sky. And, well, yeah, elves are still a dying race ruled over by a tyrant-god: I have to give you that one. Okay, okay, yes, the world is still shattered into countless Remnants, each floating hopelessly as the OuterDark swallows them one by one. And, sure, corpses have been getting uppity ever since the god of death became deathly ill. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine! All those other gods walking the world sure don't make things easier, either: you don't have to belabor the point.

I said things got better, not that they got good.

I mean, some mortals survived, that ain't nothing, am I right? And not all of them are horrible mutants, either! How can you turn up your nose at that? They're keeping themselves safe. Well, safe-ish. A reasonable approximation of something that could be mistaken for "safe" if you squinted real hard. And they're growing things that are passably similar to food. Heck, they've even established a few enclaves of civilization. And for some quick-lived races, like humans, the end of the world is just ancient history, anyways. True, it's ancient history that has a tendency to rear up and bite them in the *ahem*... you know, I think you get the picture.

Where do you fit into all this mess? Well, see, you can't have an apocalypse without things getting lost that really should stay lost. Just the nature of things. In the shadow of Titan's Glacier (don't even get me started on what's in that), there's a place called House-on-Hill -- I'm not surprised you never heard of it, it's the most backwater place in what's left of the world. Anyways, they have some miners there, and as they were digging they broke into... well, no one right knows. Whatever the place is, it's from before the apocalypse. Probably. And that's bad. Certainly.

Insane people -- travelers, I think you call them -- from across the Remnant are heading to that forsaken place. Some are coming in hopes of finding riches. Others, the especially crazy ones, are coming to deal with anything that ought not get out. A few cultists with the opposite idea, I'm sure. Probably some politicians to lay claim to the entire mess. Prophets, too: predicting the end of the world has become a boom industry, what with it having happened once before and all. People don't pooh-pooh that sort of thing like they used to. And some are merely seeking the opportunity that uncertainty creates.

You? Dunno what's called you -- you're the crazy one. Me? I just talk to myself -- but you've heeded the summons. Downright foolish of you, if you ask me, which I notice that you didn't. The dice have been cast: let's see what fate has in store for you.

Character Creation:
Please post applications to the Hall of Heroes: https://www.myth-weavers.com/forumdi...41461&tg=77988

  • Any official source (PHB, UA, etc) is acceptable provided that it is clearly identified, linked to (if applicable), and I have access to the rules (I might ask you to post a pic of the stat block, or type it up, etc, if I don't have it: this usually shouldn't be an issue).
  • If the same topic is covered in multiple locations (ie, Hexblade in UA vs Xanathar's) the later version is preferred, but not mandated. However, it becomes critical here to ensure you identify which source you are using.
  • Flying characters are allowed, but they start the game being unable to fly (perhaps their wings were amputated, etc). It will be possible later in the game to restore that ability.
  • Racial fluff and racial stats may be selected separately: for example, a character might have the high-elf fluff and the elf/high-elf racial features or they may have the high-elf fluff but the dragonborn racial features (from ability modifiers to breath weapon). The only caveat is that you must explain why this character is so different from the rest of their kind.
  • All characters start at level 1 with a standard point buy. However, all characters must also start the game with one negative ability modifier.
  • You may select a free feat at level 1 (with the exclusion of Lucky and related feats, which are not allowed in this game)
  • Standard equipment is assumed, but feel free to make special equipment requests. Also, feel free to "sell" your starting items (full value) to "buy" a customized package.
  • Please select/roll for a trinket (or create your own), and connect it with your character backstory.
  • Magic users start with 1 free cantrip, depending on their magic source. See House Rules for more information.
  • Be sure to review the House Rules thread in general as information there may affect your decisions.

A Complete Application should contain:
  • A pitch on why this character is so interesting to you.
  • Your character's name, race, background, class, as well as personality, ideals, bonds, and flaws.
  • A link to the character sheet.
  • How long have you been playing D&D/pbp games or pen&paper RPGs in general (listing other systems is nice but not needed)?
  • Please name/describe one specific past positive RPing experience as well as one negative one, if applicable. What made it memorable to you?
  • In character, briefly tell us (or write a scene) about what has drawn you to House-on-Hill?

Additionally, a Complete Application should contain the following behind a private tag:
  • A brief history of the character. Focus on those pivotal points of conflict in their life that brought them to where they are today.
  • A description of two specific and obtainable goals that motivates your character. Generally, abstract concepts should be avoided (such as "world peace"). Instead, perhaps the character wants to pay off their parents' debts of 6000 platinum pieces owed to a local crime lord-lich-thingy, a debt that they originally took on when they needed healing for their second child.
  • Imagine that your character is daydreaming about a
    "A moment that they'll be remembered for and will win them the approbations of friends, family, and lovers"
    moment of awesome: describe that daydream.
  • Imagine and then describe how your character is most likely to die (this is used to get a feel for the character, not to plot against them!)

Lengths are up to you.

Theme and Game style:
The game will alternate among a few themes, but the most common ones will be optimistic-yet-post-apocalyptic dystopia, sword & sorcery, survival horror, and high/hard fantasy. There'll be some grit: expect to be put in situations where you run out of healing and munitions. There'll be some heartlessness: if you get in way over your head, don't expect me to pull the punches. And there'll be some times when the best reward is surviving another day.

However, not all will be doom and gloom: the PC's are able to make the world a better place (even if it is just better for them). And while sometimes the best reward is surviving, other times the best reward is a giant, fire-breathing corgi that you can ride into battle.

Expectations on Posting:
At least once a day during the week is strongly preferred. Once over the weekend is a nice bonus. For myself, I primarily post during lunch at work: evenings and weekends for me are never guaranteed.

Holidays are going to be iffy for everyone, but let's all do the best we can.

Life happens, so when it does, please let us know if possible. To note, if one player is frequently holding up the game for everyone else, they may be asked to leave.

The GM Behind the Screen:
Let's be honest, the best setting in the world can suck if the GM's no good or not a match for you. So, to give you some information about myself in order to help you judge if we're a worthwhile match...
As far as experience goes, I've been playing D&D since it was AD&D, and pbp games for roughly the last decade. For D&D, I've been in a few long-term campaigns and a decent number of one-offs, and I've created/run a few myself. For pbp games, likewise I've played in several and admin'ed several, even to the point of creating my own rule sets.

That said, this is my first pbp D&D campaign, on mythweavers or anywhere else, and my first time GM'ing 5e itself, so I'll be learning and getting better along the way.

Due to the unique issues of the pbp format (it can take weeks to cover what might be 15 minutes of play if done in person, for example), there may be a little more handwavium than a
For example, let's cut the difficulty of trying to figure out why the party is together and just go with it
normal campaign might require, and occasionally in-game-time will be a little
For example, if the party rests for the night and you go sword shopping, we can spend a month in real-life on the shopping while the game also continues, then retcon as needed once the shopping is done.

I have a somewhat deep background in creative writing, and so I hope to be able to develop a great story in collaboration with players. While I do like me some rulebooks, I try to follow Sanderson's Zeroth Law: if it's awesome, it can break all the rules. To that end, I am happy to work with players to try to figure out how to implement their cool ideas, even when the rules don't quite cover it or technically allow for it.

I also believe in Sanderson's Second Law: a character's weaknesses are more interesting than their abilities.

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Just a quick note for anyone who was originally interested but got scared off by the short deadline: it's been moved from November 30th to Dec 6th.

Thanks for the consideration!

Hi Thought. Your game sounds awesome. I am a newbie to D&D and tabletop RPGs so give me some time to come up with a good character concept. I will definitely be applying!

PS: And a friend too. *Looking at you AM*

Alas, sorry about that Arcane. Hopefully next time!

Thanks, everyone, for applying!

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