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new hit chance unsure if any good

Just sayin, that's gonna such for clothies/squishies/mages (or even low geared starting adventurers) where (big assumption here) they will likely have AC lower than a martial mook/bosses AB which means good ol' Mage McCasty is gonna always take it without the benefit of even the 5% miss chance of a natural 1.(no mention of an auto fail/succeed mechanic that I recall)

I haven't read this thread through, but can I post something random?

According to this, Might & Magic VI (an old-as but good game) calculated a PC's chance to hit as the following:

15 + 2x(Attack Bonus)
30 + 2x(Attack Bonus) + Enemy Armor Class

The humble Goblin (one of the first enemies you'll encounter) has an AC of 6, so a just-starting-out Archer with 17 Accuracy (+2 to hit) and a Bow skill of 1 (+1 to hit) and an ordinary crossbow (+0 to hit) will have (15+(2*3)) / (30+(2*3)+6)...or, a 21/42 chance to hit. That's a neat 50%. With a low-level Bless (also available at the very beginning), it gets up to 61%.

Way further in the game, a Warrior Mage with Day-Of-The-Gods-boosted Accuracy to 276 (a +18), 10 ranks in Bow skill (+10), and a Stellar Bow (+8), and Hour of Power providing Bless (+77! That's not a typo), vs a Gold Dragon (highest AC in the game at 100), 18+8+77 is 103, so that's (15+206) over (30+206+100), or 221/336...which is 65% chance of hitting, a decent improvement. Without that Hour of Power it's only 43%.

So yeah; keeping your attack bonus up in that game helps you maintain about a 50/50 chance of hitting an enemy with a regular attack. Although that beginning archer would still have a 15% chance of hitting that Gold Dragon.


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