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D&D Characters for Celebrities

while he is a fictional character, it bears mentioning in every shadowrun game this movie character is likely to show up because:

Originally Posted by Black Wyvern View Post
The thread is about making real life celebrities into characters, not reskinning fictional characters from one genre to another.
I'm pretty sure I have used David Bowie a few times. Once as an incarnation of The Doctor from Doctor Who.

Currently playing a character that is a cross between Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers), Ned Flanders (Simpsons), and Bob Ross (Famous Painter). Though Ned Flanders isn't exactly a real life celebrity, I think I've injected enough of Fred Rodgers and Bob Ross to make it a fair resemblance.

Mechanics wise the character is a demon Medic (DSP Path of War class) who has the odd personality quirk of being a happy nihilist. (IE: He is happy nothing matters and we are all going to die rather than depressed) The DM hates him with a passion because it was the DM who gave him the personality quirk of being a happy nihilist so I have RP'ed him fully to that sentiment nearly getting him killed several times now. In every instance the lucky sob somehow manages to survive and come out better off than he was before.

Ahh Gary, how I love you.

I really really enjoy the fact that this character exists, just not in one of my games XD.

Edward Teach: Conquest Paladin; Pirate (Variant Sailor) Background; Variant Human or Dragonborn (Red) with the Dragon Fear feat.

Jackie Chan: Way of the Drunken Master Monk, Entertainer Background

Tom Cruise: Great Old One Warlock, Far Traveler, Gnome or Whisper Halfling

Sounds like a party of adventurers on their way to save something.

A couple of the guys I used to game with in college would fall into the "Failed Jedi" and "Quixotic Jedi" templates from WEG D6 Star Wars rules. Yeah, they had... ...issues/delusions.

Kinda hard for me to do most celebrities or famous people because, honestly, I don't know who they are or much about them--they change too quickly and are too vague to be interesting. Doing anything Politicians delves into worldly talk.

Penn&Teller: would they be rogues with slight of hand and hedge-wizards' gloves, or wizards with high dex & charisma? In second edition, I'd have said bards.

Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem: master bards.
Phil Coulter: wizard who uses a musical instrument (piano) as and implement
Eartha Kitt: Rogue with high Cha and a flair for seduction/corruption. (I did play a priestess based on two of her characters that was quite fun. Sadly, the game ended abruptly)

Bolo Yeung
Yang Sze would be my first choice, though it's a tough choice. In the end, Bolo Yeoung wins because I grew up with Bloodsport, and was much more impressed with his style than with Van Damme's, despite the latter "winning" at the end.
Since I don't play 5e, I'd stat him up in Runequest, and that would actually be easy: decent Size, great Strength, average Dexterity, lots of Unarmed skill or similar. Also don't forget to give him, depending on version, Athletics and Swimming: Former Mr. Hongkong who is rather good at swimming (a story about him says he swam from China to Hongkong, supposedly because he preferred British rule).
In Tianxia, he would be Stone or Iron Dragon with high Physique, I think. Those muscles are good for absorbing blows, too!
Note, give him a friendly, but reserved personality. While his villains aren't friendly, people that have worked with him, or just met him, seem to really like the guy.

My second choice would be just as easy, and that's Donnie Yen Chi-tan but I'm not sure which system would do him justice. Either way, make him a rebel, interested in expressing his inner self, studying various styles, and you'll be halfway there.
Maybe it should be Exalted. Dawn caste, with high Athletics, Brawl/Martial Arts as caste skill, and Martial Arts as Supernal would be halfway there. The rest is picking the right Intimacies!


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