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March 29 Update: Third Time's the Charm

Worked smoothly for me. Here's to hoping it works this time.

Good luck tonight Rodrigo!

Sheets seem not to be saving.

Originally Posted by Rodrigo View Post
I tested using an unprivileged user just a moment ago - try clearing cache?
I just came in real quick to say the site's been down all morning for me. I JUST got in for the first time as of this post after trying since like, 7AM or so.

Thought you should know about that.

I've been getting 504 Gateway time outs intermittently since the update...

Originally Posted by Colin View Post
@Lamech @Sephirothsword117 Rodrigo is currently ferreting out a minor bug causing it.
Ah. I take it that's also why I've been getting Error 502, invalid Gateway?


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