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Therren Does The YouTubes!

Therren Does The YouTubes!

Yeah, just like the title suggests, I've started a YouTube channel for, what else, tabletop gaming. Feel free to give it the once over - or twice, thrice, and so on - and expect some regular updates as I move forward.

A little experimentation can go a long way, and will always at the very least be a bit of a learning experience. Unfortunately in this case experimentation ended up backfiring on me, since my attempt to stabilize my recording software ended up causing less stabilization in the encode at the end. Nonetheless, brief blackouts aside, a new video is up. And though it's a bit odd to treat you to part 4 when I haven't shared parts 1 through 3 yet, here's part 4 of my ongoing series, So, You Want To Be A GM: Planning Your Adventures.

Today saw part 5 of my GMing series go live, and with it the end of its initial run. The format's a touch different from the rest in the series, but when dealing with a topic as nebulous as making your games fun a freeform video feels a little more natural, at least for me. Give it a look and thanks for your support.

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