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The League of Extraordinary Adventurers!

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Settings for LXA
Classic Fiction 6 50.00%
Modern Fiction 2 16.67%
Movies/TV 3 25.00%
Anime/Manga 1 8.33%

Sigh if you want something done...

"When the so called Time Traveler started up his Time Machine instead of travelling through the eon's as desired he instead passed through into a parallel dimension where human had diverged greatly from our own.

When this was discovered with the arrival of invaders from another Earth, and event covered up as an invaders from Mars, the British Government decided to do something about it. The machine was move to the DMI building at Horse Guards Avenue where the newly formed MI: 18 began to gather people capable of protects this and other United Kingdoms (and by extension the rest of the world) from threats both caused from within and without.

The locals joking called the strangers that often frequented the local area Extraordinary Gentlemen (and Women) a title that seems to stuck, even though they the department has long been moved to Vauxhall Cross." - London Turns, a History of the League

We'll keep with M&M as it's a system I know and easy for people to pick up the system, pulp heroes so PL8 but probably with a few more PP I'm still working on the basics.

To pay homage to the original characters will have to had appear in some form of Western Literature, be it novel or comic book. Characters have to be peak human but not superhuman in nature, Batman would be fine but Superman is right out.

If people aren't burnt out on the idea already I'll put something together.

The League rises once more - excellent! Thanks Tiffany

Early days but forum is up and I'm happy for people to start creating potential characters. I'm more concerns with characters than builds right now, so read this before creating the character thread here.

Also I have a prologue, so feel free to jump right in!

I guess people have been so burned they're waiting for an advert, not that I can blame them! I shall get something more official in a day or so.

I didn't see this at all until just now are we good to apply with the characters from the other game?

Sure, as long as it fits the literature conditions.

It actually fits fairly well, I think

Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower Series by Stephen King.

Originally Posted by TiffanyKorta View Post
Sure, as long as it fits the literature conditions.
I hope you don't mind...or that it wasn't too presumptuous of me...but I posted in the game that originally started from here and invited the players from there to give the forum a look if they were still interested...might not need to actually put up an advert if enough people are still lurking over there...If I stepped out of line, I apologize...just a bit anxious over the last one seemingly dying off...thought I would try to help a bring it to the original crowd's attention since they probably hadnt seen the activity here as I had missed it.


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