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The Walking Dead - Season 3

Do I need to point out what a stretch it is to assume because people accept something in an admittedly flawed, fictional character in a television series based on the zombie apocalypse it somehow relates to divorce rates in the real world? I personally think making gross generalizations like this tends to tarnish ones argument rather than help make it.

Statistically, people divorce for many reasons, infidelity not being the least of which.

While we are most definitely drawing comparisons between the show and real life, that comment goes too far by a mile in my opinion.

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I don't think anyone actually thinks she is

How does a zombie/walker swallow a femur, ulna, and collarbone?

How do they swallow an entire skull?

They didn't show the entire floor space, so I can only assume that it was just a mutilated mess of bones and leftover flesh, off-camera.

I hadn't thought about that bit with Carol. Although I agree that it is extremely unlikely. I read an interview with Kirkman today and he.confirmed that they had a farewell party for the actors (Lori & T-dog) so it seems pretty cut and dry that Lori is dead to me and aint coming back. Carol on the other hand....

As an aside, I am curious to see what happens to Michonne. The Governor was pretty brutal to her in the comic and I cant believe he would just let her walk away.

Originally Posted by nautilus_project View Post

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