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The Walking Dead - Season 3

Originally Posted by Grim Fandango View Post
They've just been told that Rick assaulted and murdered people from Woodbury. Considering how chaotic and aggressive Rick was acting towards them when he finally returned coupled with how friendly and inviting Woodbury has been, I can see them offering to join in eliminating Rick as a threat. They won't go around killing any of the innocents, and they'll doubtlessly turn on the Governor if he so much as breathes a word of doing so, but as far as they know at this point, Rick's the bad guy who's hiding behind Carl, Herschel, and Judith.
I think he was referring to the difference between Tyreese' role in the comic and the tv show.

That seems true of the white dudes (who suggested jumping Carol and Karl and were all in for the Gov'na!) but I expect Ty and his woman (I assume) might have a bit of a moral quandry. They seem a good sort.

Actually kind of happy that we got an episode that didn't involve the Govanator in some way.

The episode helped me like Machone a lot more, too.

yeah it was a great episode, though it did make the overall morale of Rick even more murky.

The Episode was okay. I didn't find it super interesting because, I find Comic Book Rick to be more appealing. I am just waiting for TV Show Rick to die. Dude is a giant dick now.

I don't want to say the words evil, cause I feel like it is wrong. He has a certain survivalist feel to him, that is sure. But I just don't like his actions and the way he behaves. I don't feel him to be very useful for the group on a whole. But then I could be mistaken too.

I guess I just don't see what was so great about this episode. Though I liked it better then the last one.

Originally Posted by Teraki View Post
yeah it was a great episode, though it did make the overall morale of Rick even more murky.
True. If real life were The Walking Dead I would undoubtedly be that poor backpacking SOB.

Now that I had some time to think about the episode. I think it was much better then I originally thought. The ending of the episode with them stopping and gathering the backpacker's gear. With saddness in all their eyes, except Michonne's cause she is a psycho. It really set home the tone of the season and life style.

The state of affairs have gotten so bad that Rick refuses to help anyone else besides his core group because he knows he can't support them. Which must eat him up inside, cause he used to be a Cop. Plus I love the development of Carl in this episode. I really hope they go a lot more easier on him then they do in the comics.

I Know I cheered when Rick wife died..(disliked her enough not to even call her lori). Now kill Andrea and i think the show will improve dramatically. A few of their decisions have been pretty funny/stupid though you have to have people do dumb things on tv or they wouldnt get into the glorious messes they do.

Love the show though. For all the flaws I complain about its still the best series on tv imo

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