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Expedition North

Expedition North - Forum
GURPS - Fantasy

OOC thread and Character Applications.

Game Description:

The known world consists of two continents, Eraniel and Xon, split apart by the Sea of Mists. Eraniel, the northern continent, is mainly dominated by humans, but there are also enclaves of dwarves, elves and many other species.

Trade routes cross the Sea of Mists and many trade ports prosper on its shores. One of those is the city state of Scyndr, ruled by the Council of Guildmasters. It is a large and cosmopolitan city, its marketplaces full of people and goods from all over the world.

To the north lies the Great Forest. The forest, and the mountains beyond it, are the territory of the great elder dragon Kozraig the Red. Only small villages dare exist on the outskirts of his hunting range. The interior is untamed wilderness, populated by wild beasts, fierce goblin tribes and other, stranger, things.

However, it has been years since anyone has sighted Kozraig. Perhaps the beast is hibernating, as ancient dragons are said to do for decades at a time. Perhaps, some even hope, he has died.

You are all employed by Scyndr's Trader Guild and the Guildmaster has proposed to you a dangerous, but potentially quite profitable mission- an expedition north into Kozraig the Red's territory. Your task is to look for potential threats and profitable resources, and to find out if a new overland trade route could be opened to the settlements beyond the mountains...

System: Gurps 4ed Core, Magic, Martial Arts and Dungeon Fantasy series. Ask if you want to use any additional supplements.

Setting: Fantasy wilderness adventures that will eventfully segue into high fantasy world saving. The world is TL3, going on TL4 in the coastal trade cities.

Player Number: 3 to 6

Posting Frequency: Looking for at least three posts per week, minimum. If you really don't have anything to say in character, try to at least to post in the OOC thread, just to keep engaged.

Combat: Unless someone has a better suggestion, I'm thinking of hosting the tactical maps on Roll20 (you do need a user account, but it's free). So you can follow a link, view the map, and post next turns orders here in the forum. Since Gurps can be quite slow- what with one second per turn- Ill try to process one turn every morning. You can give your PC instructions several turns in advance, if you wish. Unguided PCs will usually default to defensive actions.

Character Creation: 250 base points, maximum -50 disadvantages and -5 quirks. Dungeon Fantasy character templates are not mandatory, but can serve as a guideline. You start with 1000$, additional funds are 1cp=500$. Don't take any other wealth related dis/ads, they wont be relevant. The party should be well rounded and wilderness capable.

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Originally Posted by DeviousIncubus View Post
How do I enter the game? When do you play?

Just beneath the original post's title, there's a link called 'Expedition North - Forum'. That'll let you access the recruitment section, and OOC thread.

With DeviousIncubus being the last one, we will have a lot of applications, so I will be closing recruitment.


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