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BBCode Macros

BBCode Macros

CS Members are now able to test a new feature that's in beta - BBCode Macros!

For BBCode combinations you find yourself using often, having a way to enter them all at once, with correct nesting, can be a real time saver.

  • Navigate to your User CP Options, where under 'BBCode Macros' you'll see a link to the BBCode Macro Manager
  • Enter a name for your macro, and specify BBCode tags. For example, "color" / "blue", and then "b" to result in bold, blue text. The output code, and a preview of formatted text appears on the right.
  • Save your macro.
  • Navigate to a page where you'd like to test it, and use the 'Macros' dropdown in the Quick Reply or Advanced editor to insert your BBCode Macro into the editor.

You can additionally use {sheet_id} (with the curly braces) in a tag option as a placeholder for a character sheet id that's attached to the game you're posting in (it'll fill in only the first one if you have multiple sheets in a game).


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