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Looking for an evil-minded leader

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Looking for an evil-minded leader

Restoring Evil - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Howdy folks!

A few months back, I posted an ad for an evil campaign for 5e (you can find the original ad here.). We got a pretty solid party together, but since then, we've lost two party members, one of which was the "leader" for the party that would help prevent it from falling into wanton slaughter and chaos, which is something I wanted (and still do want) to avoid.

To that end, I'm briefly re-opening applications for a new party leader, and a flex spot open in case any new applicants catch my eye.

Our current party is a foul-mouthed disgraced former surgeon monk, a sleek, cunning, conniving rogue 1/cleric 2, and a fame-obsessed bard. Obviously of help would be more arcane power, or more martial power. For an idea of our previous composition, we had a paladin and a ranger.

Character creation rules can be found in the original listing, but to summarize: level 3, all first party WotC including UE, free feat at first (as long as it doesn't bring a stat to 17 or higher), no good alignments.

The setting is also a custom one, which you can find information about in the game thread, but again to summarize: one enormous continent with several countries in it, each themed after a real-life region's folk lore and mythology.

This one's only going to be open briefly, closing off apps at July 1st, and making selections the day after.

Game Description:

Everyone is celebrating.
Abaddel, god of demons and evil, is dead. He has been slain by a group of four powerful adventurers, who have now retired to safety. There are parades in the streets, taverns are full, churches holding sermons in celebration.
Everyone is celebrating.
In the Abyss, there is a power vacuum. The goddess of devils, Tyregal, moves her forces to take the Abyss, and put an end to the millennia long Blood War. Cultists sacrifice in her name, evil paladins begin to mobilize to bring in a new world order of madness and evil.
Everyone is celebrating.
Everyone but you. You are a scoundrel, a fiend, someone that most would consider "evil". And though you may not have had any great fondness for Abaddel personally, you know what this is. A new era for peace, for the self-righteous puritans that think themselves so much better than you to persecute you further. Young heroes are emboldened, slaying orc strongholds, rampaging through goblin tribes, and even laying waste to the slums in cities that hold mostly "monstrous" races.
So when the world starts falling into chaos because of the fundamental blow that has been dealt to balance, you are the only one who is willing to do anything about it.

Question: If everyone gets a free feat, does the Variant Human get two?

Ohhhh did someone call for an Evil character?

I take this as a challenge.

I was wondering if it is allowed to use previously created character for this App again.
Mine fits the leader profile enough. But you might not want that.

@Garroak This is covered in the chargen outline, but no. I am considering giving them some different ability scores to make up for it (+2 to one stat, +1 to another, perhaps. It puts them in line with half-elves) @Lintlie Feel free to use the same character, sure! I'll move yours into the new apps folder, but any other interested parties should either PM me or add a new post to let me know.

Can I reapply with my previous application? Milzaphir "Mellow Tongue" ?
I really like that PC concept!


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