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Recruiting hereos for the end of the world.

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Recruiting hereos for the end of the world.

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Hi guys, I'm Sir. This is an ad for my level 20 gestalt 3.5 game. I know about all the woes so don't worry. So anyways this takes place in my homebrew setting. It will have a heavy focus on role play over roll play. I am looking for 4 Players. The deadline will be August 30th.

I know the appeal of gestalt but I am not looking for min max characters. I am looking for middling power level characters. You can find the creation rules in the character creation subforum.

A bit about the game. The PC's are already great hereos, and after five years apart they have reunited on the anniversary of their greatest victory and the loss of your dearest friend. They have returned to the village where they all met to find it destroyed. It seems like something simple, a destroyed village but who would dare. Someone is targeting the PC's. Trying to provoke them. As this new threat emerges it will reveal an ancient secret that could destroy the entire material plane.

Game Description:

Five years ago to the day you and your friends became heroes worthy of praise in deed and song. You defeated the Orc King Garnok and the ancient Red dragon Thelarox. You saved your homeland of Adenia from destruction but at great cost to you and your people. Prince Ezra of Adenia gave his life to see you to victory.

You and your comrades swore to gather again on the fifth anniversary of your victory, not only to celebrate but to remember Prince Ezra who fought valiently along side you. You have arrived in the village of Sutton where your original adventure began and you all met for the first time.

Upon arrival in Sutton you found the village to be in ruins. Signs of a battle all around the village but no sign of the villagers. Alive or dead.

Sorry, not wanting to really flag my newbie status but how does one make their character here? How do we do rolls?

I am thinking of just using the random generator tbh to start a char off.

I know it's pretty late to start applying, but I am tentatively posting interest and will hopefully have the beginning of a character up soonish

More the merrier, but be aware the GM has not been online since the 13th. We are all hopeful he is just wrapped up in RL stuff and will return, but just be aware.


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