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Unarchiving a Game

Unarchiving a Game

I requested a game to be unarchived last night, but I've no idea how I'll know if or when it happens. Does anyone know how it works?

It's a pretty simple process, Proprietor. Your request goes into a moderator queue, they review it and unless there's some reason to reject the un-archive request (I can't think of any) it usually happens within 24 hours, though of course sometimes its faster or slower.

If you don't hear back within 48-72 hours or so, you're probably within bounds to post a bump here to remind the mods of your request.

Just got the unarchive done, and yeah, sometimes there’s a bit of a wait. The staff is comprised completely of volunteers, so personal schedules come into play. One option to avoid game change requests and unarchive requests is to become a Community Supporter. Gives you instant changes, along with some other extras, and is part of how we keep the site running.

I sent an unarchive request a couple days ago, then became a community supporter again yesterday. I've never done the unarchive thing, so not exactly sure how it works.

I am a Community Supporter myself and I love it. I had to Unarchive a game too, and its super easy to do as a CS lol

It doesn't apply retroactively to requests in the queue; however, I have just caught us up

Game is back. Thank you very much. And thanks so much to all moderators for donating your time to this awesome place. I'm a teacher and volunteer a lot, so this makes me feel even better.


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