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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. The new regularly scheduled weather is permanent rain or snow over the entire state. This effect literally stops at the border, though passing rain/snow storms still cross over and through it normally. Enjoy those last two weeks of sunlight!

I wish to have all my projects completed successfully by this Friday.

Granted. You are fired today and are replaced by someone who is more than capable of finishing your work flawlessly. All of your projects are finished, and everyone realizes you were the one holding everything up.

I wish I was a volcano.

Granted. You have a fiery disposition and constantly blow up about the least little thing, so much so that nobody ever wants to be near you again.

I wish to not have lost my job in the last corruption.

Granted. You lose your job in this corruption.

I wish I was a volcano that people wanted to be near.

Granted, you are the volcano from "The Incredibles." You've been hollowed out, turned into an evil lair, tapped for geothermal power, and harnessed into just being a hollow mountain, not a volcano.

I wish to live in the universe of The Incredibles, with some highly useful power-set.

Granted. You have the ability to produce abnormally large, smelly farts which are extremely rich in methane and are very valuable. You spend most of the day farting into a jar for the power company. Also, you have grown to loathe beans.

I wish I had a dollar.

Granted. You have one Zimbabwean dollar. It is worth literally less than 1/10000th of an American penny.

I wish my garden would do well this year.

Granted. The weeds growing in your garden are the richest and lushest the world has known. They choke out every other plant you try to grow, and survive all attempts to poison or pull them up.

I wish I was omnipotent.

Granted. The knowledge you gain is TOO MUCH, OH GODS IT'S TOO MUCH!!! levels of instantly knowing and you go mad. You are now a permanent resident in a padded room being experimented on.

I wish to have The Green Man class ability to make plants either grow or die, depending on my own will.


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