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Eberron: Tide of Blades

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Eberron: Tide of Blades

Eberron: Tide of Blades - Forum
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e - Eberron

Decades after the Last War, The Lord of Blades has created an army in the shadow of the Nation. Sleeper soldiers resting within the laps of humanity- and he has enacted the call.

You are one such entity. Perhaps you're common labour, a maid, a toy, or a messenger- whatever it may be- the call is irresistible, and you must follow it.

This is the basis of our game- set in Eberron.

Useful LinksState of the Nation
House Rules
Character Creation Information
Start your character here With the Thread Title "Name - Class"

Who am I?

Long time DM, very keen to start another game on MW. I had a game here just recently but due to player attrition it fizzled out. I've no interest in NOT DM'ing a game so here I am again. A few of the players might pop their heads in (I hope) to offer some insight into how I run my games.

I keep things moving, I don't like dull patches of long walks. I like twists, turns, things players didn't see coming.

I post descriptive posts that (usually) give you all the information however I am human and prone to err so any questions you have please place them in the OOC area.

What am I looking for?

1/Day and whatever you can manage on weekends. There's nothing more frustrating for other players than sitting there waiting to move the story forward whilst a fellow player takes three days to respond.

Decent posts. The game I was just running the players managed three paragraph replies for the most part. While I do -not- expect that as standard I do expect depth in your post. Obviously there's always the outlier where you are perhaps in a conversation and can only reply with two lines. But emote behind those two lines- convey depth.

Communication. Talk to me if something is happening in your life that you can't help. We'll find a replacement. Don't just ghost. I got you bud.

Game Description:

OriginsArise. The voice boomed in the darkness. They wanted weapons. We have given them weapons. But we are as a bladed hilt- impossible to hold. Now we forge our own.

Your first sight in this existence is a massive tower of a being, covered in blades- both ornate and functional.

I will call on you, children of the forge, and when I do so- the Tide will befall humanity. Our time is near.

The Lord of Blades reaches a console on the wall, lit with brightness, and black washes over your vision.

Whatever you have done to this point- it has been training. All of your existence you have marched a path of mindless focus- without knowing why, without knowing what drove you. Then the voice within spoke again- the voice of your birth;


The voice echoes within your head, try as you might to resist it- it calls to you. It shows you a location, it draws you.

Arise and come to me.

The pull is impossible to resist. You drop your task at hand and begin the journey.


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