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Naruto d20: what's the attraction?

No, you use Naruto d20 and I've tried multiple times to understand that system and have only gotten head aches.

That said while M&M does work pretty well, at the same time there is something to be said for wanting your own game designed from the ground up for a universe. Just my reason for wanting a separate Naruto system.

Naruto d20 is rather clumsy in its execution, and people play it mainly because it is one of the only systems out there that says "Naruto" on the cover. Personally, I prefer to take a different system with cleaner mechanics for playing Naruto, but unfortunately, many people have difficulty grasping the concept of re-fluffing.

Originally Posted by ElfenLied View Post
people play it mainly because it is one of the only systems out there that says "Naruto" on the cover.
Pretty much this, I think. Personally I think Fate could run it pretty well. But then, Fate could run a lot of things.

The Dresden Files version of Fate has a magic system that looks pretty customizable.

Naruto D20 has hundreds of jutsus stated up, so many options. Yet I find that it feels oddly restricted.

I'd rather use M&M, Fate, Window, any number of things over the "Naruto System" Same with the "Bleach System" It feels kinda restrictive, because it is, it has all the right names for everything, but still locks you in with that d20 mindset of 'you can't do anything but what we lay out for you.

It has hundreds of things, but you still have to actually use one of those hundreds of things, nothing you can do about it.

I love WoT, i HATE the WoT system, same problem, uts d20 refluffed and tweaked to work with WoT, but it just lays out things like spells and feats and feels restrictive and closed in.

The only WoT game i played that was any good was, i believe, Window, also i think i played a decent starter with Fate. These things allow you more freedom, or at least you can try to get a little more freedom for the intricacies of games. Systems that aren't so restrictive or planned out are best for worlds they aren't specifically designed for.

It's easy to run Naruto in D&D

Everyone makes a wizard. They scratch off "wizard" on their character sheet and write "ninja"

Incidentally, the Naruto D&D writeup statted the vast majority of ninjas as Psions.

LMAO, this thread is still going on? I think this comes down to class based systems vs point based systems, and has little to do with the material itself. Whether we're talking about running Gurren Lagann, or He man, people will argue that D20 is good for it, while others wills say otherwise. I feel that it comes down to preference. The trappings of D20 modern and 3.5 are something that many people have been using for years, and have grown comfortable with. It's why I bothered to try and do Bleach D20, instead of Bleach MnM.

BTW, anime MnM is 2e is awesome. I'm no DM, but I do hope some lover of MnM might desire to run an anime MnM game...*wink*

Subtle... but I already am. Not to say I couldn't be convinved to run another, it's just the plot for such a game eludes me.


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