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I'm surprised to not see 7th Sea 2nd edition in this list. It's the largest tabletop RPG Kickstart of all time and will hit $1mm today with nearly 9000 backers, and has 3 days remaining. For $40, you can get every PDF unlocked (there's many) + PDFs of the 39 books in the 1e collection. People aren't yet entirely pleased with the revised mechanics released in the Quickstart, but one can't deny the value of over 50 books + maps + other things for $40.

There's also Conan the RPG, which is unique in that it's bringing together three of the top Robert E Howard scholars with the top Conan artists of the last many decades to produce the definitive RPG based on the works of Robert E. Howard. Modiphius is using their 2d20 system (Mutant Chronicles, Corvus Belli's Infinity RPG), which is a narrative system with medium levels of crunch. There's 10 days remaining in the KS.

I'm so tempted by the 7th Sea KS, but I'm not really sure I can afford to drop $40 on a game I probably won't play. Also, I love the idea of 7th Sea so much more than the actuality of it.

7th Sea has its own thread in Gaming Discussion. There are excited folks.

For those who had missed it: the Unknown Armies 3 KS is now live, and closing on $140 as I'm posting this. There are, like in Godbound, beta versions of the three books - even if you only join for $1, of course!

And now I'm off to read the backer materials!

UA is currently sitting at something like $140,000, or roughly 300% of their funding goal. This should be fun.

Originally Posted by Raveled View Post
UA is currently sitting at something like $140,000, or roughly 300% of their funding goal. This should be fun.
Over $142k by now, and today is the third day.

I'd say Greg Stolze deserves every single cent he gets, though. If the shipping to Bulgaria wasn't as expensive as it is, I would have bent my rule on only getting electronic versions of books!

A smaller project for a younger crowd, but looks like a ton of fun:

Scuttle! - The pirate card game for all ages

The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is kicking ass and barely pausing to take names. In 3 days it's already passed all of the first 6 stretch goals, and is going strong.

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