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This week in video games...

Both Echoes of Aetheria for 8$, fun little JRPG. Nothing surprising in terms of characters and plot but still a nice change from my Cyberpunk binge.

Speaking of fallout 1 what happens once you find the water chip? Does the game just end? Or is there content beyond that? Like is it one of those games where you beat the main goal and than still explore the world or one of those where you have to pick every quest up to end up at the end?

There's a larger plot beyond the water chip. Indeed, bringing it back is only the... halfway point? Something like that.

Yeah, and there is quite a bit of stuff unrelated to the main quest as well and once you've solved the immediate water chip problem, the time pressure is off and you can explore a lot more.

I ended up picking up Shadows of War (thank you, people pooling together for a 1060 6GB for Xmas), which is... fine. I mean, it's fun, and I do greatly enjoy some of the new orc personalities; I especially like the motormouth types who just never shut the hell up even during combat, and the bards who are constantly singing and rhyming. And honestly, for all the rough word of mouth the loot boxes got, they're a non issue.

So why is it still such a bummer? It's hard to say. Maybe it's just a little less magical the second time through? Maybe it's that captains pop up so much more often. Maybe it's the plot that's still utter garbage and far less forgivable as a sequel. Or maybe it's just that I played Mordor like three times over, and this one isn't changed quite enough for me to avoid burnout on the whole series and other Arkham-styled games in general. Ah well.

On an unrelated note, I've put some significant hours into Nier Automata. Holy bananas Batman, dat soundtrack. I'm a damned sucker for the fake French/Japanese styled language, and more than a little similarity to Ghost in the Shell and Yasunori Mitsuda tracks. You might have to ask me in a month once the afterglow dies down, but this miiiiight be on my top 3 game OSTs ever.

Nier Automata is easily my GOTY for 2017. While as a game it's not brilliant, the combat lacks the depth and flair of other Platinum games and the world is a bit empty, but as a holistic experience, there's simply nothing else like it. There is no other game that has elicited such emotions in me at the [E]nd of it.

Runner up GOTYs would be Nioh. An excellent Soulslike, doing its own thing without being too burdened by it. Its loot system should die in a fire though, like most other loot systems in games.

And since we're talking GOTY, might as well talk about the worst game of 2017. I didn't play all that many games, so while I'm sure there are many awful games out there, I probably just either can't remember them or haven't played them. But from the games I have played, the one game that really stands out as just bad is (unsurprisingly to anyone who has been on the Discord channel recently) Assassin's Creed Origins. That game was just a ton of wasted potential. While it had a gorgeous world, almost everything else about the game fails on a fundamental level. Combat is awkward and messy, the story is entirely unsatisfactory, the level and loot system is useless and the game is full of moments that just do not work. I could rant more, but having finished it, I don't really care anymore.

I know it isn't new exactly, but Fire Emblem: Shadows of Valentia is much, much better than I anticipated. I worried that rehashing a nearly thirty-year-old game that had mixed reviews, at best, when it was released was a bad idea. Turns out, egg on my face. That little sucker has quickly become my absolute favorite 3DS Fire Emblem game and it might just challenge for number two all-time in the series (with the Gamecube one clearly defeating all past, present and future challengers for the crown ).

There's a reason I can't get excited about newer Fire Emblems, even remakes of the old games, and that reason is they got rid of most of the great things from Path of Radiance. Like Bonus Exp. And artists who know how to draw female armor without boobs. And Ike. =/

Well, be that as it may, I'd suggest anyone who has ever enjoyed a Fire Emblem game to give Shadows of Valentia a go. It's a slow start, in many ways, but when the map opens up in Acts III and IV, it really becomes something unique, memorable and utterly unlike any other FE game to date.

Is anyone else here a fan of Civilization IV? Been playing it lately and... well more like I newer stopped playing honestly.

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