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This week in video games...

Originally Posted by GM Saint View Post
SMT: Strange Journey got ported to the 3DS today. It's just a cleaned up port but the game is on the older side and it hasn't been widely available unless you keep your old consoles around. I'd recommend it if you like darker RPGs.
I never did finish the DS game I started a long while ago. The mazes can be as challenging as the rest of the game.

I'm on the fence. I also love these games. My 3DS won't hold a charge for more than about 45 minutes, even after changing the battery out. The new character seems a little vibrant and colorful compared to the rest of the game. But maybe a change of scenery can help for a while.

I was a naysayer about The Witcher 3 for a long while. I like open-world games but tend to get bored after wandering out doing side quests for awhile and being bored to tears with the main quest. I picked up Witcher 3 quite awhile ago (over the holidays I think) at $20 for the GotY, all DLC included edition... and it's really, really won me over. The gameplay is solid. The main quest is interesting enough to keep my attention while the side quests actually feel like substantial thing and not time fillers to justify getting some extra EXP. The lore is excellent and is making me really want to dig into the book series. It's wonderful. If anyone hasn't played it, you more than get your money's worth at the $20 price.

As for SMT... I really want to like that series, I really do, but GM Saint's experience is so much my own. As much as I love the setting and the 'Pokémon for adults' vibe I just can't get into the gameplay.

Bought Pillars of Eternity 2 on steam. Enjoying it so far despite there seeming to be some bugs/scripting issues with some of the character interactions progressing way too fast and some of the changes to mechanics putting a bit of a damper on some classes (such as wizards having their casting times for spells increased)

Originally Posted by Little_Rudo View Post
The lore is excellent and is making me really want to dig into the book series.
As someone who bought the books after playing the 1st Witcher, I can tell you, they are definitely worthwhile, hell, they are amazing.

How much does the plot of 3 depend on 2 and 2 on 1 etc? Are these things best played in order or like would you suggest skipping to 3?

You can go straight to 3, but the story makes more sense if you play since the 1st one since there are plenty of connections and character growth; also, some characters from the 1st and 2nd appear in the 3rd and you might be more fond of them or not if you have played the previous games.

And how playable are the first two on modern systems and to a modern mindset? (mind you modern in this context is me and I find VTM Bloodlines to be perfectly playable and good)

We'll, I didn't have an issue with the 1st one, but i've heard a lot of people don't like the game, they don't like the combat and there really isn't much to do, it's kind of automatic. 2nd plays much closer to the 3rd one aside from some differences. I enjoyed both of them, but from the 1st to the 2nd, gameplay changes a lot and that caught me by surprise the first time and I actually had some time adjusting to the new system.

I haven't played the first two, and didn't know much of anything beyond seeing a few clips from the game and all the chatter about the previous two (mostly revolving around the sex scene). I definitely don't fully understand the different country's relationships to each other, but it hasn't hampered my enjoyment much. (It helps that I play Geralt as pretty apolitical and just wanting to kill bad guy monsters and seduce good guy monsters.)

If you found Bloodlines perfectly playable, you'll find Witcher 1 perfectly playable, as well. Its story is solid and the worldbuilding is interesting.

The combat is a bit funky, but the underlying mechanics are fun to think about. Prepping potions and whatnot feels very Witcher-y.

You might end up detesting 2. It plays similarly to 3 but is a lot more unrefined and with an incredible amount of consolization (radial wheels, the grid inventory is gone and replaced with a massively clunky list, etc.). The underlying mechanics of 2 are poorly designed (damage, how damage you can parry, and spellcasting is all tied to the same resource bar. You only have two ticks to start with, so casting a Sign in the early game means you just made blocking worthless and cut your melee damage in half for a dozen seconds). There's also a lot of faffing. Preparing and drinking a potion is a five-minute ordeal of sorting lists, waiting for overdesigned menus to load, and a hilariously long cutscene of Geralt actually drinking it all for a minor 30-second buff.

But the story is still pretty good and the cutscenes, voice acting, and setpieces are all just a massive upgrade. It has the biggest divide in the story paths, as the two sides you can choose early on will greatly change how the game plays out later on. And I'm not saying that as a media buzzword, I genuinely mean "You get an entirely different worldview, both literally and philosophically, from it".

As for carrying over saves, W1>W2 carries several major choices (certain characters living/dying and the like) but you can actually answer a questionnaire in the introductory scene to suss some of that out. There's also some equipment carry over, but the best sword in the game of W1 is only marginally better than starting equipment in W2.
As for W2>W3 saves, there are far fewer choices to carry over (though they are still mostly major), but there is a "Simulate W2 Save" option when starting a new game.

Also, Witcher 3 Gwent>>>Witcher 1 Dice Poker>Witcher 2 Arm Wrestling>W2 Dice Poker.

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