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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. It erupts with all the force of Vesuvius, directly under your feet. It is a horrific way to die. You will be memorialized forever, once scientists find your insta-mummified remains.

I wish my cat would do her job, and catch these stupid moths.

Granted, your cat has caught all the moths. She now keeps them as pets, and sends them to harass you whenever she needs to be fed.

I wish to travel to another solar system before I die.

Granted. You are now in the Betelgeuse system. Not near any habitable planets, and with no space-suit. Enjoy your last 30 seconds.

I wish I had Civ VI on my laptop already

Granted. It comes with a virus that takes over every device you own, making them all entirely unusable (but spamming 419 scams using your email address to everyone in the known world).

I wish 419 scams would just stop.

I wish 419 scams would just stop.
Granted. But in their place come the even more prolific 420 Scams. (Following the legalization of MJ)

I wish I could stop time and get more done.

Granted. You seem to be having trouble getting it started again though. You age, the entire universe doesn't move.

I wish I had a candy bar.

Originally Posted by Onigato View Post
I wish I had a candy bar.
Granted. But it's an actual bar made of candy. Drunk people bitten off pieces and thrown up all over it. Enjoy!

I wish I could read minds.

Granted. The constant noise of untold trillions of beings with brains, all thinking constantly, even while asleep drives you insane after only seconds.

I wish the blasted aphids would leave my cabbages alone.

Granted, but they mutate into aphids the size of school buses, and devour your house instead.

I wish I hadn't stayed up all night last night.

Granted! The night is now eternal, making it impossible for you to stay up for all of it. Generations are born, live, and die in total darkness. All plant life withers and a global resource war ensues.

I wish I could biologically subsist off only sunlight and water without it compromising my metabolism or health.

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