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Corrupt a Wish!

Granted. Siberian moose are surprisingly charasmatic and stealthy, and you are thrown into a gulag with the rest of the enemies of the New Moose World Order.

I wish for no more wishes.

Granted. You may never wish in this thread again.

I wish for the new Moose World Order to be aided by the Flying Squirrel Coalition.

Granted. Unfortunately, there is no one so stupid as the hero of a TV cartoon show (Villain's Handbook, Article 36), so the revolution never even makes it out of Pottsylvania before it is crushed, not by Boris (that would be bad-enov), but by Fearless Leader once again. I just hate episodes like this.

I wish for modern cartoons to be funnier.

Granted. You just can't understand the humor, but I assure you, they are funny AF.

I wish to be a successful colonist on Luna.

Granted. You are the only successful colonist on Luna; the world consumes itself in nuclear hellfire before anyone else can join you, and you die of oxygen deprivation a few years later as the life support systems fail, but you embrace death as a release from the maddening isolation as you stare at the scorched, lifeless Earth each morning.

I wish for you to make a wish.

Granted. I wish for a dish of fish.


Do you like fresh fish? It's fine at Finney's Diner,
Finney also has fresher fish, that's fresher and much finer,
But Finney's Fish just closed its doors, don't be such a whiner.

I wish for a piece of eight.

Granted. After determining which piece you get, the letters get rearranged until you get HIT. Repeatedly.

I wish 28 Months Later would finally get made.

Granted. It's got an even flimsier premise than 28 Weeks Later, no budget, and terrible acting.

I wish that Netflix's "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego" season 2 will be exceptional.

Wish granted, but they show s1 ep 3 before showing eps 1 and 2. then they cancel it.

I wish it would stop raining in Tennessee , USA for 2 weeks, then return to the regularly scheduled weather.


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