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True enough, I suppose. It'd make that card basically a must, at least in the current meta, where it would be very useful against 90% of the decks.

I need sixty more gold for 700...is the new wing out yet? Any reactions from you all on it?

I really would like to play the hunter class challenge deck somewhere else. (30*webspinner)

It's similar to the first, not really hugely hard, but it gives some nice strategies.

I love those little Web Spinners that the Hunter got. Those little buggers net me more Legendary cards than opening packs ever did.

I won my first 12 win arena the other day, got 2 packs, a force of nature, and 275 gold. A few days later went 10 wins and got a Ragnaros, 250 gold, and a pack that ended up having Mukla in it.

Just wanted to brag a little about my luck here

Also I don't know if Web Spinners are viable, but they sure are fun to use.

Eh, I like them as 1 far as drops go.

They're really good.. I've seen them in pretty much every hunter deck at the last few tourney's I've watched.. The card you get is almost always useful for some reason.. even if you get a silverback patriarch or something like that, you still end up getting some use. Whether it's throwing it down as a wall then maybe hitting it with your Houndmaster.. Or maybe getting you an extra card off your Starving Buzzard.. Or allowing you to get that 5 damage out with your Kill Command..

Then there's the odd times where you end up with King Krush or some other awesome drop

With the new Warlock card, I'm wondering if Sense Demons will get more play.. I mean it's like an Arcane Intellect in terms of it's ability to cycle (1 card for 2) and it gets you specific cards, especially good if your void caller is already down.

Sometimes that webspinner legendary goes against you though... Just the other day I got two king mukla's from my webspinners; when I was against a zoolock.

Short of 615 gold for the new wing... thankfully I'm quite patient...

Though I wish there was a little more content to the new wings, and some of the bad guys seem real fun to play.

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