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Word Morphing

MOAT. Target BLUE.

I think the word I have is too hard. From what I posted last...


someone else can choose the new words.

Ah.. did I do it wrong? I thought:

Moat > Malt > Melt > belt > blue

By your route, you could also make Able if 'Blae' isn't a word (I don't recognize it, but English isn't my first language).
I'll not touch this game again, didn't mean to screw it up. Sorry guys.

Yout didn't screw it up. I just selected too hard a challenge.

BLAE: Blue-grey
Perhaps we should post definition links for less common words. Could be a good chance to expand our vocabularies.

Originally Posted by Dalt View Post
Moat > Malt > Melt > belt > blue
Belt to blue isn't a valid change. You can only change one letter at a time, no rearranging allowed.

A bit of advice: the most important thing is getting the vowels and the consonants in the right place, from there it's usually pretty easy. That's the importance of the MOST>MOAT move. Because there aren't any words with no vowels, when you want to move a vowel around, you'll have to go via a letter with two vowels.

New word: SHIP. Target: DOCK.

You're going to have to move the vowel from the third to the first position, and you're going to have to go via a word with two vowels to do it. I don't know the solution (I know there is one), but your best bet probably has the two vowels in the middle, as that's where they old and new ones are.



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