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Catastrophic Failure

Originally Posted by LucianV View Post
I'm pretty sure someone said if you get to 1000 posts, it will bring all our data back.

Seriously though, what is your complaining actually doing other than wasting space here? Please just fade back into obscurity...
Well, hopefully it's pointing out to the site administrator that 'you have to check that Profanity Removed periodically, like monthly or so,' because they clearly didn't check it for over six months after what was apparently less than a week of making sure the autobackup worked.

A game was meant to run tomorrow, now the world will be filled with blank Mannequins, NPCs and PCs alike, heh...

Originally Posted by brusana View Post
It's kind of irritating, to me, to see people say that this isn't the worst case scenario, because for some of us it is. I have one game that I run that will be devastated by this and one game that might falter because of it. Because I advocated for the use of this site's resources. I'm glad that for some of you this wasn't the worst outcome, that your forum posts were preserved but I think that in the future I may look for some alternatives.
Yes, your alternatives should be to have paper copies. I can't even fathom having all of my non-MW sheets only accessible via an internet connection. That sounds awful.

Especially if you run a game.

Originally Posted by Philocrates View Post
Shut up. When you lose a god damn complicated build that made the character what it Profanity Removed was, you have every right to be mad at someone for losing it. Especially when it was directly HIS fault. It wasn't an accident of chance or nature. HE STOPPED CHECKING TO MAKE SURE BACKUPS WERE BEING MADE FOR SIX MONTHS.

All the people I've spoken to that have done this sort of work in the past, some of them being fellow players, have said they would get fired in an instant for this level of stupidity.
So... where's your back up? I mean, you did back up your super special awesome snowflake character, right?

Originally Posted by Philocrates View Post
Neither did you, for that matter. You didn't back up your information elsewhere, either. If it's this important to you, you should have made another copy somewhere.

Yelling over and over at someone who has admitted fault and apologized and, now, cannot do anything about it anymore, is just stirring up shit. It's over. It's done. You can whine and yell, but it won't change anything. Rudeness Removed

I'm not even pissed! Lol! I take great pride in putting together a well throughout app in which I list everything about a character. A little cutting and pasting never hurt anyone. I feel bad for ya Rod, but it's no biggie really so YOU shouldn't feel that bad. You didn't key my car, steal my dog, egg my house or sleep with the wife. Meh, some people are gonna get pissed, haters gonna hate. There are many more here who still love ya.

I think a lot of people forget mythweavers has a certain section of people who don't post here but store their sheets. They pretty much have been wiped out. Nothing to do with trolling, they have just been kicked in the gentlemen's area. There is nothing you can honestly say or do that replaces that.

HOWEVER the man made his apologies, he can do no more then that. There is no need for anyone to turn on one another here or start an argument. No one expects anyone to be happy about this and why waste the energy fighting each other like dogs over an imagined slight? Go remake your damn imaginary characters and stop picking fights with one another.

I just wanted to post in this in the middle of all the rage.

I don't even know what I lost but I don't think it'll be too huge.

Originally Posted by Ashir View Post
I call it a simple mistake, yes. The man's not infallible. He had a failsafe. It failed. That's not his fault. Is it a warning to be more careful in the future? Yes. Is it an excuse to be an entitled ass and rip into him when he is obviously very apologetic and spent hours of his own free time trying to fix as much as he could? No, it isn't.

Again, if you're that angry, you could always leave. Print off some sheets and keep paper files. Or use a different site. Maybe even one that you actually pay for that's run by a full-time team of dozens of people and not one nice guy with a passion for gaming so you can actually be validated in being so drastically upset. You are evidently deeply unhappy with this site, despite all the love and work that go into it, so why keep putting yourself through the sheer misery of posting here?
"I call it a simple mistake, yes. The man's not infallible. He had a failsafe. It failed"

Not checking to make sure back ups were being made for six months isn't a simple mistake. Rudeness Removed

"Again, if you're that angry, you could always leave. Print off some sheets and keep paper files. Or use a different site."

And that gets me back my character sheets, one of which was a complicated as Profanity Removed build done over months and months with lots of items? It doesn't? Man so how does that help me now, again?

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