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What are you reading?

At the moment I'm vacillating between the eberron novel series that features Abraxus Wren, the Genesys RPG Core rulebook, and Truce at Bakura, a starwars legends novel.

I just stumbled upon the Glass Cannon Podcast so I've been listening more than reading sadly.

I'm jealous of your Eberron Novels reading! I've been meaning to find them and read them. I've been checking any used book store I make my way into, but I think I'm going to have to cave and just order them from Amazon.

I was forced to purchase the ebooks of them online. I could not find the physical copies anywhere. And I've found Starwars D6 books in old dusty bookstores!

Fell behind in my usual reading habit's quite a bit recently, but hopefully will get back on track soon.

Finally finished the final book in the Dragonlance Meetings Sextet. I'm going to switch up genres a bit now and start reading...

This is one I've wanted to read for a long time, but never gotten around to it.

Ender's Game is solid old-school sci-fi, even if the author turned out to be a less-than-pleasant person in later life.

Personally, I'm knee-deep in Stephen King's Bill Hodges trilogy (Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End of Watch). Just finished the second one and am waiting for End of Watch to come this weekend. It's good, non-horror and entirely King-ish fiction that eats away at the hours of your day in a very pleasant way.

I'm now reading The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet.

Fite me. I'm not anti-cannibalism. I will eat you! RAWR!

Speaking of almost Lovecraftian, just finished the novella "Ballad of Black Tom" which is definitely Lovecraftian and set in early 20th century New York. Yet for all that, it is not something Lovecraft could or would ever have written. Quite good, with a slightly different look at just why someone might find the idea of unleashing eldritch horrors appealing.

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