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Go Heeled - Mini 6 and Six Guns

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"It's yer business WHY you came to Ute Creek but you mind IT or I'll stretch yer neck." The man talking was tall lean and hard. His face as devoid of emotion as the gambler that had just cheated you out of the last of your grub stake. The edge of the silver star becomes visible as he pulls his long black coat off his hip to allow his left hand to rest threateningly on the walnut grips of a well used Colt Peacemaker.

Go Heeled is a pure Cinematic Western sandbox using the free to download Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games. MiniSix has about 10 pages of actual rules. Mini Six is a rules lite set of the openD6 system originally used in WEG Star Wars rules. The rule set should provide for fast action when action is called for and stay out of the way for role playing.

Characters are new arrivals to the town of Ute Creek Colorado in 1876. Where gold has just been discovered. You will fill the roles of miners, cowhands, lawmen, outlaws, gamblers, or any other Western character archetype. Each character will have his own storyline. The storylines will cross or collide frequently but the individual stories will be the focus. My style for westerns is usually fast paced and bloody. Expect casualties!

I would like frequent posters three times a week or so. I am starting with 6 players but with the open nature of the game may accept more depending on what I can handle. To apply create a character and give me a paragraph or so of background in this ad. Setting specific rules can be found in the game forum. Players will start on acceptance. The game will continue as long as there is one player interested in continuing.

Game Description:

Date: August 1876
Place: Ute Creek Colorado (Fictional)

Fear is still echoing through the western territories over the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and 210 men under his command on the banks of the Little Big Horn. Wild Bill Hickok has just been murdered in a gambling hall in Deadwood. The Colorado Territory has just become the State of Colorado.

Gold has just been discovered in the Blue River drainage of south central Colorado causing the ranching community of Ute Creek to boom. There is talk of a rail line from Denver running to the Ute Creek next year.

In the late summer of 1876 Ute Creek Colorado is a quiet little cow town on the verge of becoming civilized when it is suddenly flooded by prospectors, camp followers, bad men and settlers hoping to find a better life.

This game is a Cinematic Western sandbox taking place in fictional Ute Creek Colorado and the outlying areas. It is a pure Western with no supernatural aspects. Play will be mostly individual with occasional to heavy interaction between characters.

The game will use the freely available Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games with setting specific information found in the forum.

B/X D&D - When you absolutely positively want to fantasy role play!
Mini Six - For everything else!
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I think I will build a man hunting for the gang who killed his family. Will post up more later.

I wouldn't mind joining in as a Dove aka a Tavern Girl who is not soiled.

Her father could be the Sheriff of the new town and trying to grasp a grip on the situation while his Daughter seems to be getting involved more and more.

I would just really wish to play the daughter so if anyone wants to play her father I would be open to suggestions.

Always love me a good western, and not afraid of trying a new system.

I'm thinking of a traveler from the east, coming to the new world to escape a bloody past and doing his best to adapt to the strange western world.

@ Kara - The concept sounds interesting. My idea in having a separate storyline for each character was to keep play from getting to bogged down. I would recommend if you find someone to play your father you talk about how frequently you want to post to make sure neither of you is disappointed in the frequency. The town marshal is taken as the game begins by an NPC. If you wanted to be his father we could work it out.

@ Bango Looking forward to seeing your character. I chose this system because of its simplicity and it is derived from a system with a lot of history. It is based on WEG D6 now OpenD6.

I have posted an example character in the forum. So potential players will have an idea of what I am expecting for apps. I would like all apps in this ad until accepted.

I wouldn't mind being his daughter. Just would need you to fill me in on the need to know info of what I would know from him. Also definitely understand having separate storylines I just figured it would be a unique idea to have some characters with a family involved. I mean dont think everyone will be wandering strangers leaving their families. <---loves red dead redemption but would lose it if there was a ton of John Marshals around.

I have never played Red Dead Redemption, but judging from the quality of role players in my other games we will get some unique characters.

Elias Walker

Elias was the seventh son born into a family of farmers outside Winnipeg, Manitoba. He had no interest in being a labourer on his family farm for the rest of his life, so when opportunity knocked, he answered. In 1874 the Northwest Mounted Police were formed and Elias joined up. He was 19 at the time and full of dreams of adventure. He pictured himself single handedly chasing down American whiskey traders and engaging them in fierce gun battles before leading them off to the stockades.

It didn’t take long for Elias to become disillusioned. Upon its inception, the NWMP began an expedition west to establish law and order in the vast territory by chasing down whiskey traders and locating their base of operations, Fort Whoop-up. The expedition was poorly led and equipped and during the near two-month journey, many of the 275 men became sick. When they finally discovered the location of Fort Whoop-up, they found it deserted; their foes had headed south already to avoid the vicious winter. To make matters worse, in Elias’ eyes, their commanding officer declared it a tremendous victory.

Over the next year, the unit built several new forts and engaged in endless patrols of the surrounding countryside. The most action Elias saw during this time was off duty in the settlements where he frequently started brawls. His boredom lead to him being insubordinate to his superior officers and his reprimands increased in their frequency and severity.

During his forays into the settlement he befriended an American named Owen James who had been a former whiskey trader. Owen told Elias about a new opportunity he’d heard of in Colorado. Deciding he’d had enough of the Mounties, Elias deserted and headed south with James to hopefully find fortune, or at least some adventure and excitement.

Having six older brothers, Elias learned how to fight well growing up; coupled with the physique he developed as a farmer, he is quite the brawler. Early on in the force he won a Colt 1877 pistol during an arm wrestling competition and spent hours practicing his quick-draw, with hopes of using it on some nefarious criminal. So far, he has never been able to put this skill to the test. Elias and money never remain in each other’s company for long, with him quickly squandering it on some useless venture (lately women and booze).

Elias is in a morally ambiguous place when he arrives in Ute Creek. He’s lost some of his respect for the law, but deep down he knows right from wrong. What he truly seeks is excitement and that may take him down some dark roads; he has, after all, made some very bad decisions in his time. He could, however, just as easily go the other way and become an agent of law and order. It really just depends on what opportunity presents itself first.


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