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Go Heeled - Mini 6 and Six Guns

Go Heeled - Forum

"It's yer business WHY you came to Ute Creek but you mind IT or I'll stretch yer neck." The man talking was tall lean and hard. His face as devoid of emotion as the gambler that had just cheated you out of the last of your grub stake. The edge of the silver star becomes visible as he pulls his long black coat off his hip to allow his left hand to rest threateningly on the walnut grips of a well used Colt Peacemaker.

Go Heeled is a pure Cinematic Western sandbox using the free to download Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games. MiniSix has about 10 pages of actual rules. Mini Six is a rules lite set of the openD6 system originally used in WEG Star Wars rules. The rule set should provide for fast action when action is called for and stay out of the way for role playing.

Characters are new arrivals to the town of Ute Creek Colorado in 1876. Where gold has just been discovered. You will fill the roles of miners, cowhands, lawmen, outlaws, gamblers, or any other Western character archetype. Each character will have his own storyline. The storylines will cross or collide frequently but the individual stories will be the focus. My style for westerns is usually fast paced and bloody. Expect casualties!

I would like frequent posters three times a week or so. I am starting with 6 players but with the open nature of the game may accept more depending on what I can handle. To apply create a character and give me a paragraph or so of background in this ad. Setting specific rules can be found in the game forum. Players will start on acceptance. The game will continue as long as there is one player interested in continuing.

Game Description:

Date: August 1876
Place: Ute Creek Colorado (Fictional)

Fear is still echoing through the western territories over the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and 210 men under his command on the banks of the Little Big Horn. Wild Bill Hickok has just been murdered in a gambling hall in Deadwood. The Colorado Territory has just become the State of Colorado.

Gold has just been discovered in the Blue River drainage of south central Colorado causing the ranching community of Ute Creek to boom. There is talk of a rail line from Denver running to the Ute Creek next year.

In the late summer of 1876 Ute Creek Colorado is a quiet little cow town on the verge of becoming civilized when it is suddenly flooded by prospectors, camp followers, bad men and settlers hoping to find a better life.

This game is a Cinematic Western sandbox taking place in fictional Ute Creek Colorado and the outlying areas. It is a pure Western with no supernatural aspects. Play will be mostly individual with occasional to heavy interaction between characters.

The game will use the freely available Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games with setting specific information found in the forum.

B/X D&D - When you absolutely positively want to fantasy role play!
Mini Six - For everything else!
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Dawnie is the daughter to the new deputy Marshal of Ute Creek. She is a very curious girl who does not obey all the time but is good at heart. She is what would be considered a Bull in a china shop and weak for complications but this also would make her more of a center of attention perk. Her father and her try to make the bills of living but since it is rough because of the gold rush, she started to pick up some work on the off end telling her father she is working for a farmer helping when in reality she is the saloon girl. She was very easily spotted but her father agreed reluctantly about her being a soiled dove. He stated to the owner that she is to dance and nothing more so that is what Dawn has been doing so they can make the bills. She is focused on helping her father as a deputy but the sheriff and him refuse to hire her claiming it is too dangerous. Dawn of course takes matters into her own hands when she sees it and attempts to help out by causing a distraction or getting involved in the situation to try and prove herself as responsible and strong.

RogueJedi - I would like to see your concept further developed. We are talking a magician like in "The Prestige" right? Smoke and Mirrors. Definitely think it could be a cool concept for a western.

Ghost Wolf - Welcome! I will get you an invite and started shortly.

For anyone working on characters starting money has been jacked up to $150.

We have started the game but would still like to get another player or two.

Name: Hank Brody
Occupation: Railroad surveyor
Description: Hank is an experienced surveyor, sent to the area to scout out a route for the railroad. He is the son of a banker who got him a commission in the Union engineering corp during the war. He served competently but without distinction. After his discharge he continues in surveying, accomplishing the task close to the deadline. It is not his knowledge or skill that hampers him but equipment failures. It seems anytime an important piece of equipment can fail it will. With this jinx he has been pushed to the peripheral jobs.
His luck with women is similar as his luck with critical equipment, something always seems to go wrong, either a wrong word or action.

Hank is in his late forties with pepper hair that is thinning on his head. He has come to Ute Creek with the hope that his luck will finally change.

I might be interested in playing a character who grew up in Ute Creek, left, and is now returning as a business man. Would that be acceptable?

Welcome wapsii. I will send you an invite. You can stat out Hank in the character section.

I think that could work. Flesh out your idea and we can figure something out.


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