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For an item which contains a spell (e.g. a scroll or wand) then the CL will be the CL of that spell. Pretty much all other items also have a caster level, however, which is listed in that item's entry.

For these items, the caster level is often irrelevant except, as you say, for resisting dispel attempts (a cool 3.5 trick which probably doesn't exist in Pathfinder is to use the Chain Spell metamagic feat with Dispel Magic and aim it at all a foe's/PC's items - even if the Dispel check is weak, it's often enough to suppress the items for a few rounds).

Some of these items duplicate spells (e.g. Helmet of Teleportation) and will probably be priced as X/day items of those spells so the are guidelines for what the cost would be at a higher level - however, AFAIK there's no hard-and-fast RAW link between the CL of a wondrous item and its effect, so probably "ask your DM".

If you are crafting something like a wand then, yeah, you ought to be able to set its CL to be whatever (so long as it's high enough for the spell and lower than or equal to your own CL), and the cost will follow appropriately. This will increase the crafting DC too.

Originally Posted by Lothmar View Post
Pathfinder -

Magic item crafting - Can multiple crafters work together to provide all the prerequsites for a recipe? Ex: If a cleric with forge ring works with an arcane caster who has the spells needed for a ring can they make said ring?
Actually, the cleric can do it alone as long as they have a good enough spellcraft bonus and it's not a potion, spell trigger, or spell completion item. Each missing requirement just bumps the DC by 5 only manditory thing you have to have is the feat to create


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