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Ascended kobold playable race help

Ascended kobold playable race help (pathfinder)

I'm looking to create an ascended kobold playable race for a campaign I'm building. Currently going for dragonborn but customizable options using blessing points. (Think evolution points as with eidolon class feature.)

1 Point Blessings
Improved Damage
Improved Natural Armor

Tail Slap
Wing Buffet

2 Point Blessings

Would love insight, questions, links, stat based info, thanks!

This would allowplayers additional character options, here are some more notes.

*All PC's would be medium sized, and could only gain appropriate blessings for their scale color (red = fire, blue = lightning, etc.., this goes for resistance and breath weapons pretty much.)

I actually just found the dragonkin playable race from kobold press! That'll be an easy quick start point.

There is the race-builder for PF, which gives you some guidelines... it's appallingly balanced, so take it with a pinch of salt, but it's maybe a starting point.

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