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Ideas for locations

Ideas for locations

I've been doing a lot of writing and world building for a new game i'm planning to start running called "Legacy- An End to Heros". The basic setting is a highly magical world with advanced technology just barely beginning to creep in. The Land in which the story is set is a kingdom overthrown by a rule of powerful evil wizards, with the 5 regions divided up into schools (The central capital heavily industrialized and prosperous, a region of necromancy with a bleak landscape and towers of bone, mutated monstrosities roam the wilderness, undead servants move silently through cities doing the bidding of their unseen masters. A region of Illusion where nothing can be trusted, everyone wears masks and information on the true nature of things is valued highly. A region filled with massive floating cities and awe inspiring landscapes, where everything is enchanted in one way or another) If anyone is actually interested in the setting i'll throw a blurb at you.

Anyway, i was wondering if you guys wouldn't mind bouncing some ideas off me. I've had a little mental block on different landmarks after i got the basic structure and a few key locations down. Anything that you wouldn't mind me stealing, or could help get my creative juices flowing. I would gladly appreciate

Just to get your creative juices flowing, check out HexADay on Twitter. You might find something that's close enough to tweak in.

Just ideas. they may or may not work with the tone/lore you're looking for in your world. I'm also assuming 5E DnD rules.

The Seeping StoneThe Seeping Stone: Necromancy is powerful magic, but raising dead is a costly process when it's only a few. When you're raising entire legions, or the entire population of people who die in a given nation? For that, you need a powerful artifact. The Seeping Stone is an enormous artifact cut from pure obsidian with hundreds of niches cut throughout its surface. Different regions of the Stone can transform corpses into different kinds of undead-- Skeletons, Zombies, Ghouls, and (extremely rarely) intelligent undead. The thing is as large as a building. Whenever someone dies in [The Necromancy Nation], they are transported several miles outside of [the capital city] to be stored here. Over the course of several days, their body and history is assessed to determine what kind of undead they would best serve as, they are stored in the appropriate location on The Seeping Stone, and their corpse is magically transformed into the appropriate kind of undead.

The Seeping Stone gets its name from the river of filth that pours off of the artifact-- the rotted unneeded bits of bodies which flow in rivulets to one central location. These join together to form a black river that flows for about a mile and into a large pond of pure poison. Monsters most horrid gather here to feast on the offal of a nation.

Operation of The Seeping Stone requires large numbers of low-level mages to preserve bodies (via Gentle Repose) while they are processed, and to shuffle undead off to the appropriate locations. There are also several clerics on staff-- those channeling both positive and negative energies-- to put down any undead that somehow break free of control.

It is rumored that the Seeping Stone actually *is* a building with a vast interior filled with intelligent undead, tending to the power source for the stone. These are almost surely fantasies dreamed up by fools that think they can somehow destroy the stone... but if it is true, it would make for a truly dangerous adventure.

The FurnaceThe Furnace: Most of the population of [Undead nation] have accepted their ultimate fate of becoming an undead creature after their death. But there are those who have vowed to never allow themselves to be turned into a walking abomination. It is said that there is a place called "The Furnace" where one can go to have their body irrevocably destroyed, burned in purified fire which protects their soul from being recalled. Those brave enough to defy their necromantic masters seek this place out.

It is no small task. The Furnace remains mobile, always on the run from authorities trying to stamp it out. More importantly, it's not a place so much as an organization. A powerful Paladin has joined forces with a fire mage from [Nation of Floating Landscapes] and an illusionist from [Nation of Illusion], and the lot of them pose as a traveling troupe of minstrels. They roam throughout the land, visiting as many communities as possible and "entertaining" the locals. To those who are in on the secret, they also offer the service of disposing of hidden corpses through a ritual designed by the paladin and the mage. Of course, it's always difficult to know who is a legitimate client and who is an agent of the Necromancers trying to find them out.

Of course, it's always somewhat alarming to turn the corpse of your grandfather over to a group of entertainers dressed like clowns. Additionally, the troupe only comes when their route takes them by your village. If a loved on is drawing close to death, it can be an adventure to take them to The Furnace... Or it can be a difficult task to convince the troupe to kill and dispose of someone...

The Reckoning RoomThe Reckoning Room: In a nation ruled by illusionists and deception, there must be a place to find truth. The Reckoning Room is a place high in a mountain range that serves as this place. Some say that it was made by a nation of Diviners that has disappeared. Others say that it was once a throne room of a God of Truth. Wherever it came from, it is a treasure. Within the room and 100 yards of tit, no illusion magic functions, and any attempts at deception (e.g. Deception or Stealth checks) are made with disadvantage. Additionally, any memories or experiences gained in this place cannot by altered by any kind of enchantment magic.

Due to its unique properties, this is a place tightly regulated by the crown, and is used for truly important matters, like the signing of treaties, or reporting by spies. For the right price, the place can be used by non-state agents who have need of it. Other stories tell of people who sneak into the place for some discussion, or to find out if an item they have is genuine but can't afford the price of entry. Such endeavors are difficult, as the entrance to this place of truth is fraught with mazes, illusions, and magical defenses.

The Crystal ForestThe Crystal Forest: The Wonders of [Nation of Enchantment] are many, but few match the splendor of The Crystal Forest. Only spanning about one square mile within a larger forest, every tree here is coated in a thin layer of some gemstone. It appeared a decade ago, and it is said that a powerful mage was trying to raise a new kind of crystal tower but failed in his ritual, instead covering every living thing here in timeless, crystal skin. People can find here perfect roses encased in diamond, topaz chipmunks crinkling their noses, and weeping willows encased in thin sapphire, like a perfect frozen rain.

Many have thought that they might become rich by entering the forest and harvesting the crystal here, selling it to jewelers or mages for the magical properties of the crystal. Many have died trying. Anyone that breaks crystal from a tree finds that they've instead broken a piece of their own body. Whether this is some kind of powerful abjuration magic, a strange enchantment that causes a person to actively attack themselves, or some stranger event is yet unknown.

But the forest is not empty. Creatures have moved in here. There is a great Grey Render that appears to be immune to the forest's magic, and feeds on the crystal, attacking any who dare enter. Here and there, one can find strange spirits-- fey that see this as a perfect, timeless forest, or swarms of wildlife ghosts (deer, birds, and squirrels) that suck youth from any that they touch. Some have claimed that they have seen a dragon swooping in and out of the forest, claiming the place as her own massive treasure hoard. And one survivor-- driven to pure madness- has claimed that he found the Great Wizard who created the place, transformed into a crystal golem and trying to find a way to undo his experiment... but unable to leave the forest for the artifact he needs. Whoever enters this place is bound to find magic, mystery, and danger.

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