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The League of Extraordinary Adventurers

The League of Extraordinary Adventurers - Forum
Mutants and Masterminds 3e

Strange Times

"Run, Charlie Madigan. Run."

Charlie spun to face where the goblin was staring. As Charybdon went, his kind were never ones to stick around when it looked like a fight was starting. But she knew it was good advice laying eyes on the trio glaring at her as they crossed the street.

Crap. Jinn. The crimson-skinned aliens built like NFL linebackers were dangerous enough alone. The real trouble was avoiding a blood feud with the whole tribe. It didn't help she had to keep track of one other thing, the part about how waiting on them to make good on a threat usually got a person killed.

"You were told about sticking your nose in our business, cop."

Her Nitro-Gun came up firing. Expending a full charge had one mobster down. A second batted the weapon away before grabbing her around the throat to hold her up with her feet inches above the ground. Then Charlie felt it. The power, calling to her, the red rimming the edges as her sight grew dim. She planted a palm on the jinn's face, and let it flow out to the sound of its screams.

Charlie hit the pavement on top of the thug, trying to get up before the last one got to her. It was on the ground next to the cowering goblin. A woman put away some kind of futuristic weapon. She was pretty, enough Charlie wondered if it had to do with another thing she noticed. The power, it... calmed just looking at her. Adonai?

"Officer Madigan. There isn't much time, we need to go now."

Uhm. An eyebrow went up. Charlie stared at a body as she got up, arms held out wide. "Err—look around, lady. I've got a job to do."

"Please, we're risking a lot to give you this chance." The person pleaded. "You have to learn what's at stake. A great threat hangs over all of you—over all of us."

"What are you talking about?" She listened to her rush her through it, hesitating at the hand offered before holding out her own....


Charlie blinked stepping away from the platform. She was in a room that reminded her of the confines of a ship or aircraft, the walls curving in some lightweight metal, with people in the same near-monochromatic outfits behind consoles. Somehow their technology had plucked her right off the street and put her among other obvious newcomers muttering as they took it in.

Her companion had stopped beside a pair facing the group. One a sterner-looking woman dressed in black. The other a bald-headed older man, his years doing nothing to diminish the air of command in his presence. Green eyes unflinching meeting their stares, the ringing voice trailing off on a troubled note.

"Welcome aboard. You've met the counselor, you'll meet our associate. I am the captain of this ship. We don't have much time."

Power Level: 8
Power Points: 144

This is a game requested by @Conaldar on this thread. Much like the graphic novel series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore, it sees characters from various works of fiction banding together against a common threat. The catch when it comes to concepts is that all characters must plausibly co-exist in the same modern-day (2019) setting.

Here are the categories of sources acceptable with examples:
  • Classic Literature: The Iliad, Le Morte d'Arthur, Macbeth, Grimm's Fairy Tales, She, Arsène Lupin, At the Mountains of Madness

  • Modern Genre Fiction: The Mediterranean Caper, Firestarter, Vampire$, Killing Floor, The Lightning Thief, The Nightmare Stacks

  • Movies and Television: Highlander, Army of Darkness, Gargoyles, Alias, The Fast and the Furious, Alphas, John Wick, Jessica Jones

  • Comic Books: Hellboy, Global Frequency, Revival, Wayward, Black Magick, The Wicked + The Divine, The Old Guard, Vamperonica

  • Video Games: Street Fighter, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Alan Wake

I hope the sample got across the tone of this adventure. Some might call it gritty, but not so serious you end up playing a Pentagon accountant. There is room for the fantastic and more-than-human characters, as long as it's within what the game calls street-level, and doesn't involve people running around in capes and spandex. Batman can sit this out.

Any questions you need answered before putting together a character, post them in here.

Once you're ready, post your concept⁠—breifly addressing the third sentence in the paragraph that follows⁠—here for approval.

Once approved you can open a thread here and start working on your submission. I only need a short list of vital stats—an image is welcome—and a backstory. The last is important since—aside from quickly summarizing key points like origins, personality, and the enemies and other tribulations the character typically sees —it will have to tell at what point of their undoubtedly eventful histories we're meeting them in the game. Tweaks just to get the character squared with the setting constraints are fine, but no OCs please.

I'm giving until August 2 for complete write-ups and character sheets. (Something that looks like the output from Hero Lab is much easier for me to read.) At which point I pick 4-5 players to join Conaldar.

Thanks for reading and have fun making your character.

Game Description:

A spy, a mage, and a killer robot from the future walk into a bar....

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So let me try to learn this correctly, we take any character from any of the sources you gave examples of, turn them into our own and put them into the story correct?

Originally Posted by Goredawn1722 View Post
So let me try to learn this correctly, we take any character from any of the sources you gave examples of, turn them into our own and put them into the story correct?
"any character" – Only the good guys.
"turn them into our own" – No changes beyond tweaking their stories enough to plausibly get them into the modern-day. Immortality, getting thawed out of an iceberg, what it takes. Plus points for taking a pre-existing idea in that vein. Like this one.

Hmmm... perhaps a chance for Jon Sable to make a comeback...

Originally Posted by pfloyd View Post
Hmmm... perhaps a chance for Jon Sable to make a comeback...
There's a name from the past.

Considering I did a writeup of him for an M&M 3e forum back in the day (along with Jack Reacher)... I think I can modify him a bit. He was a PL6 writeup, though... so I think there's room to improve now.

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