Let's Build an Evil Campaign: To Blot the Cursed Day-Star!

Hey all!

I'm working on a high-level evil campaign over on my blog, and wanted to get the creative folk over at MW involved. I'm talking indulgent villainous laughs, obscenely complex deathtraps, goody-two-shoes heroes to be defeated, and a Wicked Plot to cast the world in eternal darkness! Got any ideas wriggling around in your brains? Read below and comment them below!


To Blot the Cursed Day-Star

You know the setup. A group of evil villains want to shroud the world in eternal darkness for... some reason. Well now, YOU are those villains, contracted by a great and powerful evildoer to blot out the sun! Are they drow, vampires, or something else entirely? What stands in your way of this goal?

The party for this game is modeled off of the supervillain crew: The Sinister Six, the Brotherhood of Mutants, the Decepticons. There's backstabbing and shifting alliances, but also a shared bond of supervillainy. Using Clinton Boomer's Loyalty system, they may bicker, but fundamentally, they're a Crew.

I'm looking for ideas.

Characters: Sample PCs, dark allies and patrons, heroic enemies, and the like. Who will stab the party in the back and who will make a last minute face-heel turn? Who wants the party to blot out the sun, and what are they offering?

MacGuffins: Because what villainy could be afoot without a MacGuffin to steal? What artifacts do the party need to acquire on their dread journey? What do they do?

Locations and Setpieces: A monastery fortress of the Forces of Good atop a mountain? Yes please. A countryside vineyard that a legendary hero retired to? Tell me how we'll trash it. Where does the party go and how do they mess with the place?

Advice and Stories: What advice do you have for a young GM running high-level and evil campaigns? Do you have stories of games that succeeded wildly (or failed spectacularly)?

I'm hoping to harvest your brainstems get suggestions and feedback to make the campaign bigger and wilder than I could on my own. I hope to see you all in the comments below and on the blog!